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I Guess I Can't Argue With That

The Honest Trailer Folks Turn the Lens of Cold, Hard Truth on The Dark Knight Rises [VIDEO]

Boy oh boy, ScreenJunkies had fun with this one. And I had fun watching it, so it’s all nice and balanced. Why was Bruce just hanging out in public after he’d supposedly died? He’s not exactly a low-profile dude. I’m sure Christopher Nolan framed it so the paparazzi were just off to the side.

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  • Chanel Diaz

    This would’ve been funny, BUT…

    “Man-Boobs,” “Princ-Ass Diaries…”

    I thought this was pretty Chauvinistic, then I went to check out The Hunger Games (“Gay Vampires”), Avatar (The Narrator’s Obsessed with Boobs), and Paranormal Activity (The Narrator’s Obsessed with Boobs and Katie being a “Less Attractive Katy Perry”), me thinks not to check out anymore of their *Coughs & Inhales,* *In Movie Tone Voice* “HONEST TRAILERS OF WHAT MEN THINK OF WOMEN.”

    *Exhales & Sighs*
    Why can’t I ever enjoy anything ‘funny’ without being an object of the other sex to CONSTANTLY be exploited with…

  • Anonymous

    Agree. Found this only mildly amusing at first, miffed they barely mentioned Catwoman, then turned it off as soon as that ass comment came up. Not doing a very good job of pointing out movie absurdity if you have to be all status quo about it.

  • TKS

    Perhaps they only mention Catwoman briefly because she was one of the few mildly well-executed parts of the movie? Hathaway’s performance, that is.

  • TKS

    Thank you. Whenever I mention to someone that I didn’t enjoy TDKR, I get dismissed as being “nitpicky.” At some point, it stops being “nitpicky” and starts being “mentioning that this poorly paced film had some big plot-related flaws that took away from the experience.”

  • John Koeberlein

    Wow I didn’t enjoy the movie either. I thought it was me.
    This issue and some others, meh as the kids say.

  •é-Fuller/727075494 Anna-Lena Dubé Fuller

    But how does Bane EAT???

  • Anonymous

    Even if DKR clearly had some big plot holes and incoherences (that this HT brought up), denouncing the classic super hero conveniences that even comics use and no one cares about during the movie, ** SPOILER ALERT** like Wayne’s leg magic healing or his speedy health recovery in the prison, or nitpicking useless details flaws that the two sitting guys bring up (and that applies to a lot of other action movies), was pretty pointless. They seeked too far on this one, in my opinion, and did a better job with the Dark Knight or The Avengers.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Exactly. Calling someone “nit-picky” implies that they’re sitting in the theater looking for plot holes and things to whine about. But there were a lot of things in TDKR that were so blatant they popped out and me and did detract from the experience.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this true for every comic hero movie that has come out? Perhaps even true for the majority of heroic films.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. They still got some work to do before I’m a fan. Because I expect MORE.

  • TKS

    Not for me. There is a difference between having a few coincidences & plot holes and utterly failing to construct a cohesive narrative based on causality.

    When I watch The Avengers or Batman Begins, I understand that there are inconsistencies, but those didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the movie. I can’t say that for TDKR