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I Have No Idea What’s Happening in This Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer

But that’s probably because Rebecca’s the one who stays on the Teen Wolf beat, not me. I hear there’s a lizard guy?

(via Blastr.)


  • Carly Hunter

    huh well at least it doesnt give away the plot?…

  • cloudywolf

    Would people recommend this show? I have finished watching a bunch of shows recently and am looking for something new with a supernatural/sci-fi flavour.

  • BatiHoney

    I do recommend it! At least you could give it a try. It’s fun, clever, and I think the script is fantastic. A lot of characters are explored, are multidimensional and in my opinion very human. It starts out slow (and predictable) but the plot gets thicker and less predictable as it goes and it personally kept engaged, especially in the 2nd season. It is not SUPER DARK but is also not cheesy at all, it turned out to be more serious and dark-ish than I thought and it can get pretty hardcore at certain moments. Like you, I just finished a bunch of shows but Teen Wolf is my salvation since the 3rd season premieres on June 3rd. I can’t assure you’ll like it without really knowing your taste or anything, but hey, I started watching it to get a few laughs and now I am emotionally attached and destroyed by this series. I think it is worth a shot.

  • cloudywolf

    Thank you! That is an extremely considered and informative recommendation. I shall certainly give it a try! It’s fantastic starting out a new show when you have several seasons to plunder.

  • Julie Kessler

    Guess who’s excited? This kid.

  • Carly Hunter

    Just as a heads up the main male character sometimes comes off as kind of an unintelligent jock which can be a bit annoying but he is smarter than portrayed and the side characters more than make up for any failings