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New Teen Wolf Trailer Gives Us Certain Doom, Violence, Requisite Male Shirtlessness [VIDEO]

After last night’s episode of Teen Wolf we have four more to go until a mid-season hiatus that won’t end until January 6th. The trailer that debuted at SDCC isn’t helping me emotionally prepare for the show’s absence. The trailer might be only for the next four episodes, though, as word is that the second half of season three will have its own distinct arc. Regardless: Teen Wolf, if you kill Mama McCall I will come to your house (in my world TV shows have houses) and I will cry on it. Cry alllllll over it. Ugly crying, too. Snot. It won’t be pretty.

(via: Deadline)

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  • Amanda

    I can’t see the video because it’s not available at my location (apparently Canada is too far away) but I agree, if Mama McCall dies I will throw a fit! I will be equally upset if Sheriff Stilinski bites it by the end of this half of the season. And so help me if something happens to Isaac I will descend upon Jeff Davis because they’ve really been laying the angst pretty thick on him this season and that better not be a set up for a death by the end of it. You hear me Jeff Davis?!

  • BatiHoney

    Honoring this season’s tagline… this might hurt. Sob. Soooob.

    I don’t think they’d do anything to Mama McCall omg. Now, I am dying to know about that Stiles/Lydia kiss…

  • Anonymous

    I know, I saw that too and just hope and figure that since it is the Darach who has her and it seems like once again Deucalion knows, she is going to be nick in time saved, but it will be at the expense of some other character we know (since it appears she is still in the hospital and there are scenes of both Scott and Stiles running down hospital corridors). Basically, I really kind of think whatever happens to Melissa will be next week, so we don’t have to live in dread of it. I think whatever happens to Sheriff Stilinski is more worrying (though J.R. Bourne implied that all the parents now know and are working together on the Fantastic Show and I imagine he has actually read the first two scripts which they have).