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Just What You've Always Wanted

My Little Pony’s Tara Strong Chooses Twilight Sparkle For Her First-Ever Cosplay

Voice actor Tara Strong attended Canterlot Gardens, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention in Ohio, a few days ago. This isn’t news. What is news is Strong arrived on stage dressed as her character, Twilight Sparkle. And yes, there’s video. 

Strong posted the top image on her Twitter account, announcing that this was her first-ever cosplay. Not just that, but she was doing it to troll surprise fans. And boy did she. Josh Ruble posted a short video of Strong as she walked on stage. One person immediately realized what was happening but it took a little while for the whole audience to catch on. Watch the video now, their reaction is pretty great.

“Surprising the fans was crazy fun,” she tweeted, “I love their delayed reaction.”

This other shot was taken by a fan (via Equestria Daily) and shows the full get-up.

(via Josh Ruble)

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  • sakusakusakura nyo


  • JustPlainSomething

    I just smiled really big because I know Josh, the guy who took the video. Also I love MLP like Twilight loves lecturing people. :)

  • Josh ruble

    This is so humbling to see this video get this big. Tara asked me to take the video for her and I Happily Obliged… She is so awesome and I looked forward to when it happened

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    Could Tara Strong be any more win?

  • Anonymous

    Tara tweeted this article! SO awesome /)^3^(

  • Anonymous

    The delayed reaction wasn’t because of shock though!! We had planned on not reacting at all when you entered the room just to troll you, Tara. That’s what all those tweets with “twoll @tarastrong #CanterlotGardens” were about. The troll backfired. =(

  • Joseph Berdecia

    (*Chuckles*) Got to love the little “Like, Hello?!” pose she gave the crowd, waiting for them to realize that A. It was her, and B. What she was wearing. The “!” moment from the audience is pretty amazing. Best part was the humorous head-shakes from the MLP cast and others on the panel, kind of a, “(*Sigh*) Oh Tara…” She really is amazing. Doesn’t hurt that she’s *painfully* gorgeous on top of being hilarious and a great actress ^.^

  • Jill Pantozzi

    This makes a lot more sense now! She trolled the trollers!

  • Lee Wilson

    Appropriate costume levels are over 9000! No can even compete. “Oh, so you’re a fan dressed as Twilight Sparkle? Look over there. Go ahead. She IS Twilight Sparkle.”

  • Lee Wilson

    Then everyone else walks away ashamed with their cosplay pony tails tucked between their legs. True story.

  • Lee Wilson

    No, I don’t believe so.

  • Zach Totz

    Another reason she is amazing!

  • Mitchell Bandes

    That sounds like a challenge!

  • Jason Troy

    The silence was planed in advance by the other VAs and the crowd. The original plan was not to cheer at all but that got thrown out because of the surprise cosplay.