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  1. J.J. Abrams is Bound to Confuse Star Trek and Star Wars [Video]

    One of the issues that people have with J.J. Abrams on both Star Wars and Star Trek is the idea that he's going to end up confusing the two somehow. What, exactly, does that mean? It's hard to say, but Official Comedy's taken a stab at what they think must be going on with J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Wars.

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  2. The Crow, the Sitcom

    Remember how cool The Crow was when you were thirteen and the soundtrack had all those grunge bands you secretly still like to this day? Remember how, in between playing computer games and watching Hackers at sleepovers, you'd watch Eric Draven slowly dismantle some post-apocalyptic gang and be invincible until the antagonist figured out his bird powers? Remember how WCW suddenly became the cool wrestling organization because Sting co-opted the Crow's aesthetic and "flew" down from the rafters into the ring? Well, thirteen-year-old you would be pretty mad at The Crow the sitcom, but present-day you won't mind how amusing it is.

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  3. Dead Island Trailer Recreated in Minecraft [Video]

    Last week, a fairly impressive trailer for zombie game Dead Island pretty much punched our emotions in the face twice; once because it was ridiculously sad and very well made, and twice because the game is going to be a sandbox, zombie apocalypse, first-person shooter with four player drop-in co-op, which most likely means the emotional investment displayed in the trailer won't make effectively translate to the game. After all, it's pretty difficult to be emotionally invested when your buddies are teabagging zombie corpses in drop-in co-op.

    Well, it only took a handful of days before someone--specifically Vareide Productions--recreated the trailer in Minecraft. Yes, it's pretty hilarious.

    (Vareide Productions via Joystiq)

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  4. The Day Guitar Hero Died [Video]

    Earlier this month, Activision finally put Guitar Hero out of its misery, whether or not it was a misery caused by Activision themselves. The guys over at The Warp Zone decided to send the franchise off with a song parody farewell, seemingly tongue-in-cheek, and reminds us all that Rock Band was the better way to go. If you're so inclined, The Warp Zone was generous enough to provide a free download of the song.

    (The Warp Zone via Joystiq)

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  5. Turkish Doctor Who Spoof

    Ever wonder what would happen if public access spoof overlords Tim and Eric tried their hand at Doctor Who? Pretty much what you see above, except someone would discover their chippy, there'd probably be some shrimp and white wine, and there'd obviously be some kind of Cinco-branded TARDIS for sale that requires users to remove their teeth before use. The point is, this Turkish Doctor Who seemed like it couldn't possibly be real at first, but then io9 kindly reminded us that Turkish remakes are totally bonkers to begin with. Luckily(?) for us, this Turkish Doctor Who is indeed a spoof of what would happen if there really was a Turkish Doctor Who, created by majoringram over at

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  6. Black Flag Logo Parodies

    Parodies of the logo of what many to consider to be one of the first hardcore punk bands, Black Flag--probably most known for their lead singer, spoken wordsmith, and guy who unpredictably didn't murder me when I once hugged him outside of a House of Blues, Henry Rollins--have been sprouting up across the Internet for the past few days. Fairly simple, the parodies are both audible and visual puns, and some of the funniest are conveniently located after the break.

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  7. “Part of Your Guild” World of Warcraft + Little Mermaid Parody

    Here's a World of Warcraft parody of the Little Mermaid song "Part of Your World," released over at World of Filkcraft. The singer of the video, Aquilae, pretty much sums up the MMO experience when she sings the line, "Lookin' for group, you don't get too far." Amen, sister.

    (World of FilkCraft via BuzzFeed)

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  8. LOST: Campy ’60s Edition

    Even if you're as clueless about LOST as those Newsweek staffers, you'll probably appreciate this fan-made homage, which reimagines the dark, metaphysical, frequently baffling show as a campy '60s sci-fi thriller, complete with cheesy character introductions, a surf-spy soundtrack, and, of course, "girls in bikinis."

    LOST fans will bask in the knowledge that those girls in bikinis are strong and accomplished female leads, thank you very much. Also: the show's obsession with close-up shots of record players.

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