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This Video Hilariously Imagines Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek

Our friends in geekery over at Nerdist have put together a speculative Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek, using existing footage from the original series.

While I’ve joked in the past about how Tarantino’s Star Trek movie will finally let Bones swear a blue streak and see Kirk and Spock making heads explode with well-aimed lasers, Nerdist took all of the Tarantino tropes and ran with ’em at warp speed.

As funny as this is, what’s remarkable to me is just how much viable footage from TOS there was to mashup for this parody. I’ve watched the entirety of the original series several times, but even I’d forgotten about the proliferation of machine guns, Nazis, and Kirk and Spock in Pulp Fiction-esque suits that makes this work so well. This video is the product of a mind that knows its Star Trek and its Tarantino well.

While the mashup is all a wonderful in-joke, the real, R-rated Tarantino Star Trek is bound to use some of the director’s trademark motifs. And since Tarantino has expressed his admiration of Star Trek time travel episodes, the parody could be more on the money than not. Who knows where and when he could end up taking us?

(via Nerdist, image: screengrab)

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