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Turkish Doctor Who Spoof

Ever wonder what would happen if public access spoof overlords Tim and Eric tried their hand at Doctor Who? Pretty much what you see above, except someone would discover their chippy, there’d probably be some shrimp and white wine, and there’d obviously be some kind of Cinco-branded TARDIS for sale that requires users to remove their teeth before use. The point is, this Turkish Doctor Who seemed like it couldn’t possibly be real at first, but then io9 kindly reminded us that Turkish remakes are totally bonkers to begin with. Luckily(?) for us, this Turkish Doctor Who is indeed a spoof of what would happen if there really was a Turkish Doctor Who, created by majoringram over at

Majoringram explains:

Ever wondered what Dr. Who would look like if remade by a Turkish cable channel on a budget of £27? I thought i’d take a crack at it…

When compared with other Turkish remakes, the spoof actually does a pretty decent job of putting the Turkish remake style over our beloved scatterbrained Time Lord: the TARDIS is there, the enemy is pretty ridiculous (Slitheen, anyone?), and the Doctor is battling embarrassing evil with his trusty companion. Of course, some things would’ve gotten lost in Turkish translation, and instead of his iconic sonic screwdriver, the Doctor has a sword for some reason, and instead of basically defeating a foe via chatting, the Turkish Doctor seems to inflict physical harm.

There’s also some dancing.

(via io9)

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