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Minute Physics

  1. How to See Without Your Glasses in a (Literal) Pinch

    What's that? You don't even NEED glasses? Why are you on a site called Geekosystem, then?

    Imagine that you're getting ready for sleep and take off your contact lenses only to realize that you don't know where your glasses are and have to stumble to bed without stepping on any of the stuff you've left all over the floor. You can overcome these obstacles through the clever use of pinholes. Or just cleaning your room. Whatever.

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  2. Several Means of Real Time Travel Explained by MinutePhysics [Video]

    You're still probably not going to get anywhere in a phone booth, though.

    Time travel is as real as the fact that you are now farther into the future than when you started reading this sentence. That's boring time travel, though, as MinutePhysics explains in a new video on real ways that time passes differently. The effects may be negligible in every day life, but time travel is all around us—like the Force.

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  3. How Do You Turn Sound Into Light? Turns Out, We Don’t Exactly Know

    But we know that it does happen, and Minute Physics is at hand to lay out the current theories for us.

    When bubbles underwater cavitate -- collapse under negative pressure -- the result is a shockwave of sound like the one that mantis shrimps use to blast their prey. That shockwave isn't the only result though, as it's sometimes accompanied by another release of energy in the form of a flash of light. These transformations of sound into light -- episodes of sonoluminescence -- remain ill-understood, but leave it to the folks at Minute Physics to offer as clear a breakdown of what we do know about the phenomenon as you're likely to find in this video.

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  4. Minute Physics Explains The Whole Universe In Under Three Minutes [Video]

    Never let it be said that the folks at Minute Physics shy away from delving into the really big questions. In the latest episode, the gang takes on the daunting query "What is the Universe?" The answer, predictably, is, like, whoa, man, raising more questions about things like whether we can really know that parts of the Universe we can't observe actually exist, and if concepts like the future or mathematics are part of the universe we live in, or something else entirely. It's a bit of a head trip, but since you've probably got today off anyway, go ahead and ponder the nature of all things great and small from your bed this morning. You've earned it.

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  5. You Can’t Predict Everything — Not Even Presidential Elections

    We can offer predictions for a lot of things, as the pundits on your TV are no doubt reminding you as the presidential election winds down. What the talking heads will never cop to, though, is the fact that there is not such thing as a perfect prediction. Minute Physics is back to explain why, even given all of the possible data to determine outcomes and a computer that could actually process that flood of information, there is always bound to be some uncertainty in any prediction. That means while you can make very, very good guesses sometimes, you can never actually tell anyone what the future is going to be. So if you haven't already, stop listening to the folks who are telling you how the election is going to wind up. Oh, yeah, and U.S. readers? Please vote. It's the one thing that representative democracy asks of us every couple of years. The least we can do is acknowledge it.

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