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How to See Without Your Glasses in a (Literal) Pinch

What's that? You don't even NEED glasses? Why are you on a site called Geekosystem, then?

Imagine that you’re getting ready for sleep and take off your contact lenses only to realize that you don’t know where your glasses are and have to stumble to bed without stepping on any of the stuff you’ve left all over the floor. As this video from Minute Physics shows us, you can overcome these obstacles through the clever use of pinholes. Or just cleaning your room. Whatever.

Unlike lenses, pinholes focus light from literally any distance by only allowing small, focused amount of light to travel through. So when your eyes, which are lenses, fail you, create a tiny pinhole by curling your finger around and look into it to remove the blur from your vision.

Of course, the image is going to be a lot darker, so make sure you’re not trying to do it in a room with very little light to begin with. Also, take it from me: it’s very hard to create a perfect pinhole to put against your eye when you’re wearing mascara, because your eyelashes are going to get in the way. But, this neat little trick is definitely going to revolutionize waking up in the morning for me. Hooray!

(via How-To Geek and Minute Physics)

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