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You Can’t Predict Everything — Not Even Presidential Elections

We can offer predictions for a lot of things, as the pundits on your TV are no doubt reminding you as the presidential election winds down. What the talking heads will never cop to, though, is the fact that there is not such thing as a perfect prediction. Minute Physics is back to explain why, even given all of the possible data to determine outcomes and a computer that could actually process that flood of information, there is always bound to be some uncertainty in any prediction. That means while you can make very, very good guesses sometimes, you can never actually tell anyone what the future is going to be. So if you haven’t already, stop listening to the folks who are telling you how the election is going to wind up.

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Oh, yeah, and U.S. readers? Please vote. It’s the one thing that representative democracy asks of us every couple of years. The least we can do is acknowledge it.

(via Minute Physics)

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