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Howard Stern

  1. Watch Community’s Joel McHale Talk About Chevy Chase’s Abrupt Departure

    Community is finally back on the air as of tonight! We're super excited to see how the new season shapes up, but a number of black marks have accumulated against the show since we last saw the sunny set of Greendale. Dan Harmon's gone, the show got moved from its initial season premiere, and Chevy Chase up and quit before season four was finished being shot. Things have been somewhat quiet as to what happened, but Joel McHale spoke candidly about Chase's exit for the first time with Howard Stern yesterday, and what he had to say was quite interesting.

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  2. High Quality Super 8 Screener Leaks, but With Howard Stern Watermark?

    The fact that a high quality screener of Super 8 has been released to the piracy community isn't a surprise, as screeners being released to the Internet wilds tends to happen quite frequently; however, a new high quality screener for the movie has been released with an interesting watermark that reads " H Stern." The watermark running across the bottom of the screen, pictured in the screenshot from the screener above, displays the date and that the screener is property of Paramount Pictures -- standard practice for screeners. The weird thing is that the "H Stern" watermark, which is sitting in the top right corner, stays on screen for the length of the entire movie, something a bit out of the ordinary for screeners.

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  3. Terrible Movie Night: Crowdsourcing the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vibe

    Howard Stern's intimately live-Tweeted account of Private Parts this past weekend brought renewed attention to the old, good idea of using social media as a platform for making movie-watching and other entertainment-consumption a more intimate, communal experience. And it just so happens that friend of Geekosystem Philip Bump has recently rolled out a project focused on just that. Terrible Movie Night is a sort of crowdsourced Mystery Science Theater 3000: Viewers watch a chosen bad movie on Netflix at a predetermined time, and as they're watching it, they take to Twitter or Facebook to comment as the movie progresses. What differentiates Terrible Movie Night from, say, a bunch of friends deciding to get together and do this informally is its timeline system: Commentary on the movie is archived by time stamp, and so the wisecracks of the users aren't just a transient communal experience, but are preserved for posterity.

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  4. Howard Stern Live-Tweets Commentary of Private Parts

    On Saturday, the Twitterverse received a grossly detailed behind-the-scenes look at Howard Stern's 1997 movie Private Parts. For nearly an hour and a half while his frighteningly accurate biography aired live on HBO, Stern gave first-hand commentary via 140-character messages, providing amusing nuggets of information such as "tranny in the middle is a friend of mine named Dana. She came on the show looking for money for new breasts" to thousands of followers. Twitter is the perfect medium for actors and producers to provide hilariously insightful anecdotes about their movies and TV shows to fans, and the success of Stern's commentary may woo other media personalities into doing the same. As mentioned by All Things D, the commentary could give viewers a reason to watch programs live, which could ultimately benefit the television networks while entertaining loyal viewers. (via All Things Digital)

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