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Howard Stern Live-Tweets Commentary of Private Parts

On Saturday, the Twitterverse received a grossly detailed behind-the-scenes look at Howard Stern’s 1997 movie Private Parts.

For nearly an hour and a half while his frighteningly accurate biography aired live on HBO, Stern gave first-hand commentary via 140-character messages, providing amusing nuggets of information such astranny in the middle is a friend of mine named Dana. She came on the show looking for money for new breasts” to thousands of followers.

Twitter is the perfect medium for actors and producers to provide hilariously insightful anecdotes about their movies and TV shows to fans, and the success of Stern’s commentary may woo other media personalities into doing the same. As mentioned by All Things D, the commentary could give viewers a reason to watch programs live, which could ultimately benefit the television networks while entertaining loyal viewers.

(via All Things Digital)

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