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Sarah Michelle Gellar Would Like Howard Stern To Finally Pay Up for Gross Bet With Freddie Prinze Jr.

A closeup of Sarah Michell Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr gazing into each other's eyes and grinning

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last week and they’re calling out one naysayer who publicly said he didn’t think the 90s icons would make it.

In 2001, about a year before the two were married, Prinze was on The Howard Stern Show promoting his excessively 90s teen movie Summer Catch. He and Gellar had gotten engaged earlier that year and Stern took it upon himself to assert that there was no way the relationship would last.

HuffPost writes:

During the chat, Stern tells the actor, “So, you will marry Sarah Michelle Gellar even though you know that it won’t last?”

“Oh, absolutely it will last!” Prinze responds.

In the back and forth, the radio host adds, “it’s not gonna work for you,” before making his big prediction.

“I wanna make a written bet with you,” Stern says. “In about 10 years, you’re gonna hunt me down and go, ‘Howard, I owe you money.’”

“We’ll do a written bet,” Prinze answers, while Stern talks about “a million dollars.”

“We’ll do it right now,” the actor says, while Stern answers, “See, for a million, I’d stay married.”

Not only did Prinze not hunt Stern down after 10 years, he and Gellar have now made it double that length of time and both of them would like to know where their million dollar payout is.

Gellar posted screencaps of the interview to her Instagram story, tagging Stern’s show with the caption “I think you owe us.” Prinze reposted the story on his account, writing, “She will not forget” with laugh-crying emojis.

The two clearly don’t need Stern’s million dollars (they’re both still working steadily and also hopefully riding high off of the kind of 90s royalties that have been decimated by the streaming industry) but good for them for calling Stern out for his gross comments. While Stern’s show was groundbreaking in many ways, he was and still sometimes is incredibly gross with and about women, especially young female celebrities—including one occasion not long after the Prinze inerview where he pressured a young Gellar to describe her pubic hair to him. Over the decades, he’s evolved somewhat but far from entirely and is absolutely not above being called out for his grossness past and present.

(via HuffPost, image: Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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