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  1. Somebody coded the Star Wars Opening Crawl into HTML and SCSS

    I mean, of course they did.

    Similar in some ways to the popular Github, Codepen.Io is a browser-based HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editor that allows people to share their code with one another and create. Naturally, developer Tim Pietrusky used it to create the opening scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. Isn't that what we all invented computers for in the first place?

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  2. British Intelligence Asks for Help With Dead Pigeon’s World War II Code

    British intelligence is seeking public assistance in cracking a coded message found on the leg of a dead World War II carrier pigeon. The agency GCHQ has been working on deciphering the message for the past few weeks, but they believe the code could be impossible to break without additional information. They're hoping they can get said information from the public, which is why we're now hearing about it. We'd like to help, but we're still having trouble figuring out GCHQ.

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  3. Court Rules That Code Isn’t Physical And Cannot Be Stolen, Only Copied

    In December of 2010, former Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov was convicted of theft of trade secrets when he took some exclusive code out the door with him. This past February however, Aleynikov's conviction was overturned due to a ruling in 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Now, the court's opinion has finally been published and it's been made clear exactly why this conviction was overturned; code is not a physical object and cannot be stolen. The code was not stolen from Goldman Sachs, only copied. Since Goldman Sachs was not deprived of its use, it wasn't theft.

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  4. Writing Code in MS Paint [Animation]

    In this entertaining little animation (bonus points for being in animated GIF form), the creator illustrates how it is possible to use MS Paint to write computer code. HN reader perlgeek explains how: "The maker of the picture wrote the code first in a text editor, and then for each triple of ASCII characters he found the corresponding RGB value, and set one pixel to it. Since the bitmap is just a header (the mojibake you see at the start of the text file) and then a bunch of data bytes, the data bytes can be read as plain text again."

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  5. Child’s Toy to Enigma Machine in Six Steps

    How many times have you been sitting around your house, wishing you could send messages coded in the same manner as the Nazis circa 1940? Well now with a little bit of elbow grease, you too can own your very own Enigma machine! Please imagine the above as a late-night Sci-Fi Channel infomercial. Instructables user sketchsk3tch was one such man in need of an Enigma machine, but didn't want to commit the considerable cash required to get a real one. While browsing a thrift shop he noticed a child's toy with a full keyboard and thought to himself, like anyone would, that it would make a great Nazi code machine. Because why not? Having made his dream a reality, he's shared his work online. In just six easy steps, he walks you through everything you need to know to start coding and decoding. During the Second World War, Nazi Germany relied on the ingenious Enigma code machines to keep their communications secret. Great effort was expended by the Allies in breaking this code, which in turn spurred the development of computers, made Alan Turing a legend,  and helped establish cryptography as a key aspect of military intelligence. If that's not reason enough to have one, or at least a facsimile of one, then I don't know what is. Or you can be lazy, and remember that there's an app for that. (Instructables via Hack A Day)

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