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  1. San Francisco Zoo Valentine’s Day Promotion Encourages Adopting a Cockroach In Honor of Your Ex

    You probably think this bug is about you, don't you?

    Love is dead! May the bugs dance on its bloated corpse!

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  2. Scientists Use Kinect to Put Cyborg Roaches on Autopilot

    This headline sounds like some random Geekosystem headline generator created it, but I assure you this is real.

    Scientists at North Carolina State University have used an Xbox Kinect to automatically guide cockroaches along a set path. This isn't the first time someone's wired up a cockroach to get it to do their bidding, but as far as we know it's the first time someone's done it using an Xbox Kinect to get the roaches on autopilot. This sounds ridiculous, but Xbox-controlled cyborg cockroaches could actually help save lives.

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  3. Oh Good, Animal Planet Has a Live Cockroach Cam

    Are you an Orthoptera enthusiast? Have you got an itch that only constant footage of roaches can scratch? Well, Animal Planet's got you covered with their new Cockroach Cam, which delivers all the twitchy, chitinous streaming action you could ever want, 24/7. They've even placed the roaches in a tiny little kitchen, making them seem oversize. How charming!

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  4. Want to Build a Better, More Stable Robot? Look to the Majestic Roach

    At any given moment, you can assume that scientists are probably building a robot version of something scary, yet we generally trust that they're not just doing so to provide Skynet with horrible new infantry. Case in point: Researchers at the University of Michigan are shoving cockroaches around to study their uncanny recovery methods to... being shoved around. We all know roaches are fast (and hard to kill), so what can we learn from them?

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  5. Man That Died After Cockroach-Eating Contest Choked to Death on Cockroaches

    In what's clearly the most shocking revelation to come out of today, it appears that the man that collapsed and died in October after a roach-eating contest has an official cause of death: Asphyxia. That is to say, Edward Archbold choked to death on a mixture of arthropod parts. Considering he was trying to cram as many of the things down his gullet as possible, this isn't all that unexpected.

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  6. Hissing Cockroach Giving Birth Upside-Down is Pretty Disgusting [Video]

    This video of a cockroach giving birth to a swarm of baby cockroaches continues our recent tradition of informing you how disgusting nature is. The roach gives birth upside-down, and looks like it splits in half to release a swarm of tiny, white baby cockroaches that live up to the moniker and swarm all over. Sweet dreams tonight, you guys.

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  7. South African Cockroach Can Jump 48 Times Its Body Length in Single Leap

    If you're the kind to jump up on top of a chair and screech at the sight of a cockroach, we're here to tell you that chairs are no longer safe refuge. This South African cockroach can jump up to 48 times its body length in a single leap. So while it may not be able to angle that slightly upward and start from a distance so it can catch you up on that chair, it can probably sneak attack you from a significant distance away.

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  8. Cockroaches and Locusts: Beneficial for Your Health

    Researchers at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science have discovered that cockroach and locusts brains house antibiotic properties that could lead to treating bacterial infections.

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