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  1. Pennsylvania Man Survives Chainsaw to the Neck, Lives to Tell About It, Earns Geekosystem’s Admiration

    We haven't 100% ruled out that he's really a Highlander though.

    Just another normal day on the job, doing your usual tasks, sawing some wood, when suddenly the chainsaw you're using gets out of control and attacks your neck. That usually ends in tragedy, but for James Valentine of Pennsylvania it ends in everyone thinking you're a total badass. He survived.

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  2. Guy Opens Beer Bottle With Chainsaw, Finesse [Video]

    If you need a bottle opened, but don't have a bottle opener, Max's belt buckle, or the side of a desk or table that you don't really care about scuffing, but you also happen to have a chainsaw handy -- because why wouldn't you -- you can follow in the footsteps of this master chainsawman and have that bottle opened rather quickly.

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  3. Turn an Innocent Bicycle Into a Death Machine With a Bicycle-Mounted Chainsaw

    Taking the classic paper route to a whole new level, this innocent bicycle has been fitted with a chainsaw, amusingly attached so if the wheels are turning, the chainsaw is spinning. One might assume this is simply a funny project, but the depth of how-to videos sitting over on YouTube is somewhat astonishing. If only the titular paperboy in Paperboy rode one of these, that skateboarder never would've had a chance.

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  4. Check Out the OMG AR-15 Unicorn, A Zombie Killing Gun for Girls

    It seems like zombies have been trending forever, but guns with chainsaws mounted to them being pitched as zombie killing devices have picked up in popularity recently. That being the case, the guys over at Guns & Gardens wanted to get in on the fun too, but with a twist; their gun -- the OMG AR-15 Unicorn -- is marketed towards the little ladies in your life. Or anyone who digs rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies, really.

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  5. Here’s a Real Chainsaw Bayonet for Your Trusty AK-47

    We still don't have flying cars, but every day it seems like more and more sci-fi tech is getting defictionalized. The chainsaw bayonet, for instance, is a real thing, and while you won't be able to mount it on a real Lancer, you can strap it to your AK-47. You do have an AK-47, don't you? Ideally for use in the zombie apocalypse, the Doublestar Zombie X Chainsaw Rail Attachment is surprisingly quiet and runs on a stock-mounted battery rather than messy, flame-prone gasoline.

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  6. Crazed, Chainsaw Wielding Robot is Viral Marketing, but for What?

    I've often complained about viral marketing because when advertising is indistinguishable from reality, it feels more like a trick and a cheat. However, this series of videos purporting to "reveal" a robot attacking a human crowd with a chainsaw doesn't try to pull one over on the audience. This string of mysterious videos, each from a different perspective at the fictitious BotEx 2011 conference in Tokyo, all end the same way: An ultra life-like robot fires up a chainsaw and marches ominously toward the crowd. See the videos after the break.

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