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Here’s a Real Chainsaw Bayonet for Your Trusty AK-47

We still don’t have flying cars, but every day it seems like more and more sci-fi tech is getting defictionalized. The chainsaw bayonet, for instance, is a real thing, and while you won’t be able to mount it on a real Lancer, you can strap it to your AK-47. You do have an AK-47, don’t you? Ideally for use in the zombie apocalypse, the Doublestar Zombie X Chainsaw Rail Attachment is surprisingly quiet and runs on a stock-mounted battery rather than messy, flame-prone gasoline.

This particular model has a few other features as well, including a EOTech Zombie Stopper XPS2-Z Holographic Sight which gives you a biohazard sign instead of your normal crosshair; another zombie apocalypse must. Whether or not that electric chainsaw really packs a punch or whether it’s really just a glorified hedgetrimmer is anyone’s guess, and as of now, you’ll have a hard time finding out. Doublestar’s previous effort, the DSC Zombie Slayer, sold for $1,249.99 but the Zombie X, for the moment, isn’t for sale. You can bet that if it does go up though, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Then again, your survival in the zombie-ridden wilderness of the end days is priceless.

For the record, I tend to adhere to the zombie-fighting strategies laid down by Max Brooks and eschew both automatic weapons and chainsaws. But come on. This thing is pretty sweet.

(DVICE via Gizmodo)

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