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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Black Milk

This is just like magic!

Black Milk Reveals Their Harry Potter Year 2 Collection (Accio, Money!)

Australian designers Black Milk Clothing have just dropped their proverbial Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. They’d just hit us with their Game of Thrones collection, then announced a new superhero one, now this? My heart (and wallet) can’t handle it! Fair warning, if you loved Black Milk’s first Harry Potter line, you’re probably going to love this one too.


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

Black Milk Teases Their New Superhero Collection

Black Milk is leaving Westeros and heading back to the realm of the superheroes for their new collection. The Batmanless series (they already did him) will debut at at 9am AEST on March 27th, and we have some teaser pics! Not gonna lie—I’m not exactly digging the Wonder Woman and Superman bathing suits, but I would buy the heck out of those Watchmen tees if they were within my budget. Hit the jump for more.


Winter Is Coming

Black Milk’s Game Of Thrones Collection, For All Your Overthrowing Needs

Black Milk only recently put their Batman collection up for sale and they’ve already debuted their next nerdy pick-up – HBO’s Game of Thrones! It’s predictably Stark and Targaryen heavy but there are a few other houses representing as well (Rebecca takes specific issue with their Dragonstone jersey becauseshejustlovesStannisok?). Take a look at the new tops, dresses, and leggings up for offer on March 11 (AEST).


It is known

Black Milk Teases Dragon Egg Leggings From Their Game of Thrones Collection

In other words: Black Milk is doing a Game of Thrones collection. There are some other teases up on their Facebook page, namely a House Stark shirt (a loose fit, praise R’hllor), an Iron Throne dress, and house sigil leggings, all of which you can see behind the jump.


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa Batman By Black Milk!

Black Milk’s Batman collection doesn’t go on sale for about two more weeks—February 11th at 9am AEST (that’s February 10th at 6pm EST), to be precise—but that just gives you more time to peruse the upcoming line and see what you might like to get your paws on. Also, more time to save up. No one ever said Black Milk was cheap.

You can check out the complete collection on their Pinterest page.

(via: Set to Stunning, Fashionably Geek)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Black Milk Teases New Batman Line

You can visit Fashionably Geek for a glimpse at some of the swimsuits in Black Milk’s upcoming Batman collection, but it’s this pic that caught my eye. Loose-fitting shirts, huzzah!


Oh Mah Glob Guys

Black Milk Gets Mathematical With New Adventure Time Fashion Line

What time is it? Time for Black Milk to unveil their latest nerdy license acquisition – Adventure Time! Take a look at the huge collection they’ll have for sale on November 12 including leggings, dresses, shirts and more!


Bloody Good Fun

Black Milk’s Halloween Fashions Are Perfect For Scaring Your Roommate, Joining The Addams Family

Black Milk have some new items up for sale just in time for Halloween mischief. Or, I should say, most of these are up for sale. The designers had select items available for just 48 hours but you should still be able to get most of the collection if you’re so inclined. Take a look at the macabre, the quirky, and some new licensed pieces inspired by horror classics.


This is just like magic!

Black Milk’s Harry Potter Line Is Almost As Good As Getting Accepted To Hogwarts

On sale in just a few hours is Black Milk’s long-awaited Harry Potter collection. I’ve been tempted in the past by their offerings, specifically the many geek licenses they’ve picked up recently but this is the first time I’ll be reaching in my wallet. Unlike most of their past collections, Black Milk’s Harry Potter line features more than just images from the films on leggings, swimsuits and more. Take a look at what they have to offer this time around.


Assuming Direct Control

Abandon All Hope, Wallets Who Enter Here: Black Milk Does Mass Effect Now

I haven’t been particularly wooed by Black Milk for a while now, having managed to impress upon my brain that their prices are outside my budget and I don’t like wearing leggings or un-wired bathing suits anyway, so who cares? Well, I care. I care about Mass Effect. I care about clothing with the N7 stripe, regardless of many other factors, it seems. And while they’re not character hoodies, Black Milk’s latest line of sci-fi inspired duds (which do not end with the N7 stripe, by the way) are still pressing my ME button.