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Things We Saw Today: The Sistine Chapel, Batman-Style

Things We Saw Today

Kinda twisted. I like it. (by Simone Bianchi, via Blastr)

  • Fashion + Geekery interviews Black Milk’s head of sales and marketing Cameron Parker on the company’s much-discussed social media/PR disaster.
  • Quvenzhané Wallis is the new face of Armani Junior, because that’s a thing. According to Pret-a-Reporter, “she is the first major child celebrity to be the face of a luxury brand.” And once you get past the shock of “Armani Junior?!?!“, girl is rocking that tux.
  • Emma Thompson Has A Really Funny Joke About Yeast Infections. Also, Emma Thompson used to be a stand-up comedian?!?! (The Frisky)

Mondo put this Elektra poster by Craig Drake out today, and holy crap, it’s not sold out yet. (/Film)

  • In response to David Goyer’s She-Hulk comments, long-time comic writer Gerry Conway recalls a meeting with DC editorial brass back in c. 1970 where the consensus was reached that Marvel was trumping DC in sales because “the general comic book audience just didn’t appreciate that Marvel’s books were actually inferior to those published by DC.” Conway sums it up well: “Smug arrogance.”
  • Speaking of She-HulkGate2014, here’s a response from John August, who co-hosts the Scriptnotes podcast where the comments were made.

This Godzilla hoodie by Big Bad Toy Store looks kind of… odd. I want twelve. (Fashionably Geek)

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