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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


These Superhero Popsicle Prints Make Us Long for a Refreshing Super-Powered Treat

For a lot of us, this summer has been long and really, annoyingly hot.  In fact, it’s been the hottest U.S. summer in 100 years. Dutch artist Vincent Vermeil is either there to taunt us or free us from this heat with his superhero popsicle prints. Bonus points (and our eternal gratefullness) if you figure out how to make them IRL.

So far they’re all made of paper–matte cotton, to be precise. But though these may be intended as colorful contemporary art (and we say they succeed in that area), they’re still really wishing someone would bring us some popsicles that we could actually consume.

Still, they’re pretty cool, so let’s look at them.

We like to imagine Wonder Woman’s made of raspberry and lemonade, maybe with some crushed up blueberries at the bottom for a dash of fanciness.

What kind of juice would we make Iron Man out of? Pomegranate? Cherry? Strawberry? What do you think is the sassiest fruit?

We imagine this one as strawberry and blue raspberry.

We’re a bit puzzled as to how we’d make this one a physical reality. Maybe blackberry?

Orange juice, all the way.

You can see the rest over at Geek Sugar.

(via Geek Sugar)

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  • Terry Wylis

    So where’s my Lemon/Lime Loki version? :-)

  • Bexley Lister

     A “Lemon/Lime Loki” sounds like a dangerously alcoholic beverage…  Drink one and you’ll see dozens of your drinking mate (as opposed to just seeing double).  ;-)

  • Susan

    What, no Capsicle? To on the nose?

  • Natasha Stephenson

    Movie Pepper is allergic to strawberries. Just sayin’. Blood orange, maybe?

  • Ashe

    The sassiest fruit is a tomato, obviously. 

    “Oh, hell naw you did NOT just call me a vegetable!”

  • StevieNicksFan321

    Iron Man would have to be a jello shot instead of a popsicle, methinks.

  • Alex Beecroft

    Batman could be lemon dipped in dark chocolate.

  • Anonymous

    The Iron Man one should definitely contain alcohol of some kind.