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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Future Is Now!

You Had Me At “Subatomic Particle Jewelry”

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My knowledge of subatomic particles is… let’s just say “lacking.” So I’ll let creator Virtox explain the science behind their magnificent line of 3D printed jewelry:

Ever since I first learned about subatomic particles and their spiral movements in magnetic fields, I could not help but be inspired. The different charges, masses and speeds determine the trajectories and create these astounding images in bubble chambers. With the arrival of accessible 3d printing, I got to work to capture this beauty in jewelry. I wrote a piece of software that would trace possible (and impossible) orbits and trajectories in 3 dimensions.

After partnering with MixeeLabs, Quark Jewelry was born. You can check out more of the (gorgeous) pieces behind the cut.

Science, man. Science.

(via: Fashionably Geek)

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  • Nemitta

    Science is beautiful. ^_^

  • Angela Korra’ti (Highland)

    Okay, this was neat enough I’ll have to go look at the original site and maybe buy something. The necklaces are awesome!

  • Hollyanna

    I was thinking they look a little cheap, but 3D printed = awesome!

  • Nancy L

    The material is actually really interesting. It’s 3D printed Nylon, super light, pretty flexible too. Best part? Made with lasers. Pew pew!