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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

TK-421 Why Aren't You At Your Post?

Custom Star Wars My Little Ponies Are Out Of This World

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Etsy user Sheena Henderson (aka Roogna) has been creating custom My Little Pony toys since the 90s. Some are Friendship is Magic related these days but it’s the Star Wars collection that caught our eye. See if she’s customized your favorite character. If not, she’s open for commissions.

(via Roogna on Etsy)

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  • Josh Harrison

    the leia looks awesome. yoda is a lil creepy im not sure on darth talon

  • you guys

    That leia looks creepy (I don’t need to imply the connection between bronies and furries, do I?)

  • Inky

    These look really cool, but I groaned a little when I saw that the Leia pony is based on her in the bikini. I’m really tired of that being her “default” costume, it’s not even in the movies for that long!

  • Josh Harrison

    i was not going on the path of saying leia looked awesome in a sexual stance, i was speaking more on the fact the figure looked well done. i do get tired of “slave leia”. also, not all bronies have a sexual fetish for ponies and as do not all furries want to have sex in their fur suits.