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The Business Cards of Star Wars Characters

I like to think that all young girls thinking of spending their lives in politics on Alderaan took insult courses. I know on the one hand, this makes Leia less special, but on the other it posits an entire generation of ladies who are unafraid to tell enemy generals that they have an overwhelming stench and who know that “scruffy looking” is far wars than being a “nerfherder.”

According to Etsy seller frommntoyou, who is selling, one each of these cards, they were given to her by her sister when she was little, and she’s only rediscovered them now. No way to tell if these are simply curios somebody made once or an actual Star Wars product tie in. The fact that none of these cards reference any events outside Star Wars: A New Hope would imply that they were made before the second two movies, and with all the weird Star Wars merchandise that was made in that period, it’s not that implausible that these would be some kind of official.

(via BitRebels.)

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  • Psychotronic (Michael F.)

    These are fan-made and were quite popular during the 1980s. As near as I can tell, these are actually from the period and are pretty rare now.

  • v_vsn

    My friend has a set of these, I was taking pictures of them with my iPhone about a year ago. I can vouch for these being legit.

  • Chris Talbot

    “is far wars than being a”? Is that an intentional pun or accidental one? :-)

  • boink

    no yoda?

  • GeekFurious

    You’d think that Chewie would know how to spell the name of his own species.

    He is a wookiee not a “wookie”.

  • Magic Xylophone

    My God… it even has a watermark.

  • BxB Group, Inc.

    This is pretty glorious! I need to do a business card project like this for some of my clients! Fun Character cards for all their staff or something… Good stuff here!

  • Jenny Everywhere

    All the misspellings really hurt these.