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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Make It So

My Dream Cast For A Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot

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  • Sharmie Taffe-Fletcher

    this is the best thing i have read on here (and this is my favourite website).

  • Nick Gaston

    Peter Mensah…as either Worf or Picard (depending on how well he bulks up).

  • Nerdista

    I have to say it’s not necessary to follow the race and hair color lines so closely…I’d like to have a little more fun with this!

  • Aaron Treat

    Very well done. I can’t really argue with any of your choices. 

  • Lee Jay Stura

    Make it so. 

  • Derek Kompare

    Intriguing choices…a real British invasion!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with any of the choices, and the very idea of rebooting TNG is anathema to me, but hey, you’re having fun.

  • heavenscalyx


  • Sarah

    Obligatory “DS9 IS THE BEST” comment.

  • Maryn McKenna

    how could you not choose the grownup Wil Wheaton for a role? :)

  • John Wao

    That’s awesome with a side of awesome smothered in awesome sauce.

  • Lucas Picador

    Agreed. I mean, all your choices are good in terms of aping the original cast’s look. But part of what you’ve done here is recapitulate some of the unfortunate racial casting choices of the original. Specifically:

    1. I’m not really interested in seeing Idris Elba in supporting roles right now. He should be playing leads. I want to see him as Kirk, not Worf.

    2. Wanda Sykes is also too funny to be a supporting character. Yes, she was great as a supporting character on Curb Your Enthusiasm… too good, in fact. Every episode she was in left me feeling like she should have her own show (again). And that show should be a sitcom this time.

    I mean, I get that this is a fantasy cast, not a realistic proposal. (I doubt Ewan MacGregor is sitting around waiting for the call from his agent about playing a tertiary character in some summer genre piece, for instance.) And I get that the point is to mimic the original cast, not mix it up. And I love Christopher Eccleston and would watch him as a lead in just about anything (GI Joe movies excepted, sadly). I’m just saying.

    (Also what Nerdista said about hair colour: the age-appropriate sexual tension with Picard was a major part of Dr. Crusher’s character. Howard is 30 to Eccleston’s 50. The redhead thing doesn’t make up for that.)

  • Jo Reis

    John Barrowman, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Ewan McGregor??? You want me dead? OH. MY. GOD. I can not deal with this cast together.

  • Anonymous

    Idris Elba as worf = HELL YES. Except that the thought of covering up that beautiful face with 15 pounds of make up makes me a little less enthused.

    As for Geordi, I’d love to see Donald Glover in that role. He’s only done comedic roles but I bet he could do drama as well and Levar always brought a certain lightness and humor to Geordi.

    Also JJ if you reboot TNG please please please give Troi something cool to do other than being Ms. Master of the obvious. 

  • Anonymous

    obligatory agreement

  • L.m. Polites

    I need a towel because SPLOOSH

  • Les

    I didn’t know Michelle Dockery was in Downton Abbey! I think Hogfather when I think of her. ;) 

  • Mariah Butts

    I would watch the hell out of this. Brilliant. 

  • Amphigorey

    I like that you’re taking actors from The Wire, but I think you’ve got Geordi wrong – Lawrence Gilliard (D’Angelo Barksdale) would be fantastic as Geordi.

    Why not Idris Elba as Picard?

  • Emily O.

    Noooo…. not Carl!! He could never replace Wil Wheaton. Carl is so… annoying! He’s never in the damn house!

  • John Romero

    Every time Loki showed up on screen in the Avengers movie, my thought was that dude would make a great Data in a Star Trek TNG reboot.  Some of your other choices are intriguing, but I do feel your selections were more ‘match the look’ than match the acting style.  That said, they were good picks for the fantasy discussion.

    Also, if we’re going to bring up ST series favorites, I feel that ST: Enterprise was a highly underrated series.  I think  their ensemble cast did as great a job of bonding and seeming like a team as TNG’s cast ever did.

  • Karsun

    I love your choices – especially Wesley and Q. Q was my favorite character on there and I love, love, love John Barrowman.

  • Anonymous

    Will Wheaton as Will Riker.

  • Carol Schwab Leister

    I liked all these choices, but you totally converted me with Barrowman and Eccleston. Because…yeah…

  • Alana Beltzer

    OMG, I’ve been imagining Tom as Data for weeks! The rest of your casting is inspired…especially Billy as Barclay! I think I would die of squee if all these people were in something together so it’s probably best that this will never happen ;)

  • Anonymous

    obligatory dissent [sans statistically-likely but tiresome flame bait]

  • Kitty Sarkozy

    Bryce Dallas Howard is a neat pick.   And sort of creepy weird because Dr. Crusher’s birth name was Beverly Cheryl Howard.   

  • Anonymous

    I could totally see Idris Elba as Picard. Right down to “Make it so”. Oh. Yes. Please.

    (First saw him in the Ultraviolet miniseries. Really need to pull the DVD to see how it’s held up. Any fans??)

  • Rachel Campbell

    I literally SQUEE’d when you cast Christopher Eccleston!  He’s my favorite doctor EVER (Love Tennant and Smith, but 9 will always be my Doctor), and I totally think he could pull it off.  I would watch the heck out of this show.

  • Shane Stone

    Billy Boyd would be awesome. Wanda Sykes would not be awesome. The majority of the cast looks like they got ripped out of a magazine’s Top 50 most beautiful people, or are the modern go-to person for a typecast role. So mixed feelings for me on this one, but to be fair, I’m not familiar with several of these actors.

  • Siobhan McNeil

    I would pay so much money to see Tom Hiddleston as Data. 

  • Jessi Overton

    Holy crap, YES!

  • Shane Stone

    Because he’s black

  • Anonymous

    I think all of these are brilliant–except Picard.Eccleston is too much a maverick for that kind of role. Picard is like the awesome Dad you never knew. A deliberator and expert at all the good stuff. Dr. Who is too much of an instigator to be responsible for others and the casting choices have reflected that.

    Plus, imagine a liaison between him and the new Dr. Crusher. No. Just no.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see him stunt-cast as The Traveler.

  • Mandy Curtis

    I am ALL about Tom as Data. And Barrowman as Q would be amazing.

    (And this is coming from someone with a TNG tattoo—so you know I take it seriously.)

  • Garfield von Beaverhausen

    Would the TNG reboot be set in the same alt-universe as Abrams’ original crew movies? If so, it seems a tad daft to reboot TNG when the original crew can now go in any other direction than they did in the 60s series and 80s/90s movies

  • Tom Charles

    Much as I dig Julia Stiles, do we really need Tasha Yar?  Never liked her.  Barrowman is GREAT for Q.  And seriously, Wanda Sykes?  Can’t we get someone less loud and obnoxious?  There’s got to be someone.

  • Anonymous

    This is really good. Not that I want them to reboot and recast TNG or the other shows in the era (DS9, VOY), but if they did I would be okay with these people playing the characters. I’d much rather prefer a “Next Generation” for those of us who watched the TNG/DS9/VOY era shows and have them bring back cast/characters from those shows to visit the new cast like they did on TNG when they had Dr. McCoy visit the Enterprise-D, as well as Captain Scott, Sarek, and even Spock showed up in episodes of TNG. And it could be set on the Enterprise-G or H or something. As Captain Picard says in one of the TNG era films: “There are plenty of letters left in the alphabet.” That’d be a lot more awesome than just a simple reboot and I’d watch that over a reboot any day. But I don’t work in Hollywood, so chances are they’d try a reboot (and probably on the cheap) over doing something fresh and new since that seems to be what they’re doing right now with everything else.

  • Anonymous

    Felicia Day as Dr. Crusher. That is all…

  • Garfield von Beaverhausen

    Need someone older than Bryce for Dr Crusher. She’s supposed to be a peer of Picard, after all. Marcia Cross as Dr Crusher? And no Wesley on the Enterprise.

  • James Geluso

    That’s why it’s so important to get the Chief O’Brien role right.

  • David Vincent Patrick

    Chandler Riggs would just keep wandering off, not listening to his mother, winding up nearly getting killed by the Borg…

  • James Geluso

    I still want my DS9 movies.

    Star Trek: Emissary. Lots of space action, centered around a summit dealing with post-war Gamma Quadrant issues. At the end, Ambassador Worf dies, and Sisko returns. Not at the same time.

    Star Trek: Symbiont. This odd-numbered film (it’s assumed to suck, so it can be adventurous) visits every Dax (including Ezri, Jadzia and… drum roll… Kirzan) who, at some point in his/her life, is the subject of an assassination attempt. In the end, Ezri faces down the assassin, of course another Trill. Perhaps Ezri dies in that, setting up a new Dax for the next film.

    And then a movie that sets up a new TV series to take place in the post-war Gamma Quadrant, a huge underexplored space.

  • booksforlunch


  • Erik Carl

    obligatory rise to flame bait suggesting foolish qualities in those who offer dissent for the original posters clearly well-considered and highly appropriate comment

  • Amber Lee

    Can we watch this now?

  • Anonymous

    I would watch the heck out of both of these suggestions.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Interesting thought. It didn’t cross my mind to think outside the box for the cast, just to find similar folks. Perhaps another list is called for…

  • Fran

    Don’t eat the flamebait.

  • Todd Ellis

    Seeing Eccleston and Barrowman together gives me an idea. A wonderful, horrible idea; I mean, as long as we’re recasting Doctor Who alumni, why not go all the way?
    So, here’s my casting, with less regard for appearance and more for Gallifreyan [& related] awesomeness:

    Jean-Luc Picard: Christopher Eccleston
    Will Riker: John Barrowman
    Data: Matt Smith
    Geordi LaForge: David Tennant
    Worf: Noel Clarke
    Dr. Beverly Crusher: Freema Agyeman
    Deanna Troi: Billie Piper
    Tasha Yar: Karen Gillan
    Wesley Crusher: One of Wil Wheaton’s sons, just because.
    Reg Barclay: Bernard Cribbins
    Guinan: Catherine Tate
    Miles O’Brien: Arthur Darvill
    Q: Tom Baker

    Now, before you all flame me for this, remember it’s all in fun; I remind you of William Shatner’s response to those who take it too seriously: “Get a life!” :D

  • Kathryn Jinx

    all i could think when i saw the choice for wesley was “Damnit! Wesley stay on the ship!”

  • Fran

    Wesley, yes, but not as a Mary Sue.

  • Kimberly Steele

    Obligatory call out of Erik Carl, who apparently is unaware that “sans” means there was *not* a flame bait….

  • Anonymous

    inevitable lament about people who take flame bait in comment threads, with bonus disparaging comment about the state of internet comment threads in general

  • Anonymous

    Donald Glover in the role of Geordi would be effing BRILLIANT.

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid that much concentrated awesome might cause a rip in the fabric of space-time.

  • Anonymous

    This is full of WIN!!! 

  • Zach Story

    So I kinda made up my mind to hate and disagree with this list as soon as I saw the title….but I actually agreed with all your choices. I’d definitely watch this! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    obligatory wry observation that people rarely bother to read comment threads before tossing off replies, citing examples in current comment thread

  • Joshua Lord Saviour

    Wanda Sykes is only good when you need a typecasted annoying black actress that stereotypes herself as a racist bigot.
    Guinan was loving and caring, Wanda Sykes is the anti-thesis of that.
    Horrible Choice.
    Also, Wil Wheaton as Q would bring amazing depth and openings for Wil Wheatons career. I also think it would be a great homage to the original series, in that mystic sense, not to mention the availability of episodes you could create from that alone, as opposed to the 4000, holodeck episodes noone ever wants to see ever again.

  • Michelle Mista

    Ooof. I agree — Wheaton needs to be SOMEWHERE! Love Wanda Sykes as Guinan but everyone else? Nah. Hubs votes Barrowman or Nathan Filliion for Riker; I can sorta see it but not really. Can’t see Eccleston as Picard at all. Granted, I can’t wrap my head around the idea of anyone BUT the original cast so that may be it. :) 

  • Sally Robinson

    I would say basing your choices off the original cast, these are great!  IF you want to do more of a reboot though I can see switching up races and genders as suggested by Lucas Picador. 
    BUT other than that, I am loving these ideas! 

  • Brian

    I would probably say Dule Hill or Donald Glover for Geordi, since Geordi is a big ol’ nerd.

  • Heather Perdigon

    You know what?  When I started to read I was dead set against whatever you said…by the end I completely want to see the reboot with the cast you suggested.  I know not everyone is on board – but you have my vote! :-)

  • James Espie

    Nice. I’d watch the crazy out of this!

  • Corona Alex

    Leave Tasha out! She was hardly on and it would be dumb to bring her back just to kill her off again. Plus it wouldnt be fair to the actress. Unless they dont plan to kill her off then its all good lol

  • Corona Alex

    How about the Borg Queen?

  • Dan Foster

    John Barrowman as Q.  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

  • Jane

    wow. other than the one or two i am not familiar with, all your choices were fantastic. 

  • Anonymous

    This article could not be more perfect. DEAR GOD.

  • Tromeritus Rex

    Brilliant! Good casting, Jill.

  • x x

    Jim Parsons as Barclay.
    Niel Patrick Harris would be great as Q.
    And with a little hair color, I think Jeri Ryan would make a great Dr. Crusher.

  • Anonymous

    Obligatory comparison of random commentators to 20th century german dictator…

  • Anonymous

    I’m for a new Next Gen style show. But I think I’d like all new characters.
    Or Maybe Riker as the Capt, and I could see Troi still around. But everyone else is all new.

  • Evan Jones III

    Some of the choices I’d agree with, others not so much, & others I’d give it a HELL NO! I begin with 1) Wanda Sykes as Guinan is definitely a HELL NO! She’s never played a different kind of role but the obvious sassy black woman who you know you’d hear say, “mmmm hmmm” and snap her fingers afterwards & walk away.2) Chandler Riggs is another HELL NO! Before you get on my back about it, think about it we already have a character Will spent years making into an iconic figure from the series. Why waste what the character became by the end of his run on the show. Instead focus on Picard and Beverly Crusher. Make it a story where the two did marry and become a couple and focus on their adventures as two young adults traveling amongst the stars. Leave Wesley as one of the Travelers who as it was lead to believe is no longer a part of time and space but a part of the in between. So he could see himself never having existed in this alternate reality and possibly help save his dad from this alternate realities disaster when he couldn’t from his own.3) Julia Stiles gets a definite MAYBE from me because again she’s been in more romance then Sci-Fi. Personally I’d like to see her as her own Captain maybe mess with the time line a bit where her grand mother (Tasha) became involved with a Romulan like in TNG but in this reality is the captain of her own Federation star ship. Maybe something where the Romulan Empire has had to turn to the Federation for help in the past after Vulcan was destroyed & the Vulcan’s became more Nomads and reverted back into their more violent ways. Thus adding an additional conflict for Spock in this time line.4) John Barrowman as “a Q” is a really cool idea a HELL YES. I don’t think they need to replace John De Lancie but maybe each Q presides over a different route in which reality took. This Q has domaine over this one and doesn’t muck with Picard as much as he does with Wesley who has intervened where he shouldn’t have.5) Finally Christopher Eccleston, yes he’s been the Doctor, yes he’s been in that horrible G.I Joe film but played his heart out & so very British. But as Picard I say HELL NO! Reason being is that maybe its time to look at a real French men to play Picard? Just a thought because there are plenty of actors out there who do train in the classical manner of the theater before they dare make their mark on film. I think hitting for that real French quality while still working to make the character seem well educated is going to be a trying task but it can be done. I just think Eccleston is best suited for more serious roles that would make for a great FILM not MOVIE but FILM.Besides all the characters on the new Star Trek worked out great and a lot of them did crap before they did Trek and they pulled it off. So I think a reboot in this reality would be pretty cool and I’d like to see it but maybe take it to its next logical step.

  • Kali Sakai

    Next Gen was my favorite Trek too.  You did a great job picking this cast.  My fav was Data.  So perfect.

  • Miles Ian Jaqua

    Dude, i’m there with you like 90%. The Wheaton as will Riker comment is a good idea, but the rest is awesome.

  • Miles Ian Jaqua

     oooohh… Good Call.  But I’m not sure Felicia day can do the strong single mom type that well.  not sure she can project that sort fo confidence to be that powerful of a character.

  • Pamela Buxton

    I believe a script that brings in actors that played parts in the original would be a lot more interesting.  Like Whoopi reprising her Guinan character.  Guinan was enigmatic and no one knew anything about her, least of all her age.  I would watch just for Whoopi as Guinan.  Tasha Yar was a pain in the butt.  I would definately give Julia Stiles a better character to play.  And I do think casting Whil Wheaton as Riker would be a stroke of genius.  He has been hilarious playing himself and terrorizing Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory.

  • Miles Ian Jaqua

    NO!  CAN NOT HAPPEN!  just let the series die in peace dude.  Sisko will never come back, and you can’t do it without him, so just let it go.

  • Crystal Burrows

    Disagree with the choice for Picard, but every other choice (I felt) was spot on…. Nice choices. You have a good eye, my friend….

  • Wendy Reynolds

    Oh my golly gosh yes indeed, for he too sports a magnificent beard!

  • Laurel Noack

    TOM HIDDLESTON AS DATA!!!!!!!!!!! I love him.

  • Laurel Noack

    I was to excited I forgot the doctor and Captain Jack!!!!

  • john wolfington

    General insult about your mother and possibly your sexual orientation.

  • Anonymous

    obligatory invoking of Godwin’s Law to end thread in response to previous comparison of random commentators to 20th century German dictator, which will promptly be buried by continuing replies in very-much-not-ended thread

    bonus complaint about nested replies being arbitrarily limited to 7 levels of hierarchy

  • MTLMATT Alleyne

    I rebuke any premise of a TNG reboot, but with that being said, YOU NAILED THE ALTERNATIVE FOR Q.

  • Bookshelf Bombshells

    How about Marg Helgenberger? Def got the sexy tough single mom down from CSI.

  • Anonymous

    Very well done. I do have to disagree with Guinan though. Other than superficial appearance, they aren’t alike at all. Guinan was always very soft spoken. Wanda Sykes is anything but. Guinan’s voice has a very sage, calm quality to it. Wanda Sykes’ is loud and harsh. And there are a few that I didn’t know who they were. The rest I think were spot on. J.J. should hire you as casting director for his TNG reboot in a few years.

  • Anabel Granados

     I agree to that too! Plus its always nice to see original cast play some role in reboots (Like Battlestar Galactica’s Apollo/Tom Zarek)

  • Anabel Granados

     yeah I dont like the idea either…

  • Anabel Granados

     Oh wow.. Matt Smith as Data???? TOTALLY. lol.
    Why not Tennant as Will Riker tho?  I’d like that better ^^

  • Kyle Delaney

    You say you understand Trek is sacred, yet in your “10 Worst Case Casting Scenarios” you say you “lucked out” with J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek? That’s like the biggest sacrilege ever.

  • Paul Duncan

    The cast for 
    Wesley Crusher would just wonder off every episode. 

  • Kyle Delaney

    And you also say “I enjoyed J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot but I think it’s safe to say it was a success because it drew from the original series.” Okay, now you’re just the worst person ever.

    Star Trek 2009 ruined Star Trek forever and I’m not talking about any of that timeline crap because I don’t care about that. Star Trek has always been about intelligent people using their wits to solve problems. It provided children, both male and female, with smart role models for them to look up to. Now? It’s about pretty boys running from explosions. Star Trek 2009 did not draw from the original series. It shat all over it.

  • Bones Bird


  • Todd Ellis

    I can just see David Tennant in engineering when the warp core alarm goes off: “What? . . What?!?” ;) And JB is more the ‘chick magnet’ that Riker was supposed to be.

  • James Wendler

    You picked the WORST Doctor Ever (Yes, worse than Colin Baker) to play Picard?  You make me sad.   

  • Todd Ellis

     Ooo! Ooo! And Penelope Wilton as ‘Harriet Jones, President of the United Federation of Planets’.

    With Lalla Ward and Richard Dawkins guest starring as a husband-and-wife research team in need of protection from some evil rivals [Peter Davison, Colin Baker and John Simm].

    Okay. I’ll stop now. . .

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I knew I liked Idris in something that didn’t require a rubber forehead. 

  • Amanda A.

    Along this vein, why not just create a totally new “TNG”? The original cast was so iconic; might as well give actors new characters that they can make their own rather than be compared constantly to Patrick Stewart et. al.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Neil Patrick Harris as Q would be awesomeness. 

  • Anne Marie Lucy Heinekamp

    Eccleston would make an amazing Jean-Luc!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes!  It’s so overwhelmingly meta, *plus* he’s a great actor who could do the role justice. :)

  • Anonymous

    “Engineering!  Status report!”
    *sad but grim tone* “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

  • Anonymous

    That said, isn’t there currently a Doctor Who/TNG crossover comic series going on?

  • Joy Elaine Williford

    the only one that looks like they could do the job is Bryce Dallas Howard as Doctor Crusher

  • Anonymous

    random much-belated observation that this portion of thread should possibly be saved for posterity as generic comment template

  • Anonymous

    Brent Spiner usually says at cons that he’d would want Sacha Baron Cohen to play rebooted Data.    Hopefully they don’t reboot, though.  The original actors are still viable.

  • Brack Shaw

    David Hewlett is the obvious choice for Q I think!

  • Braindouche!


  • Lily Stormcrow

    That was exactly what won me over too.

  • Sean McManus

    James McCaffrey – O’Brien
    Matt Smith – Data
    Larenz Tate – LaForge
    Cobie Smulders – Troi
    Patrick Warburton – Worf
    Bryce Dallas Howard – Dr. Crusher
    Dakota Fanning – Ensign Crusher
    Neil Patrick Harris – Q
    Isaiah Mustafa – Riker
    (A very physically fit) Kelsey Grammer – Picard

    You’re welcome.

  • Sean McManus

    Wasn’t especially inspired by any of the choices aside from Dr. Crusher, tbqh.

  • Anonymous

    Especially love John Barrowman as Q! Please someone make this cast happen.

  • Brianna Sheldon

    I love the normal response. Nice.

  • mayang rivad

    Then Danny Pudi as Data. Please

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I’m sorry “Star Trek 2009 ruined Star Trek forever” for you.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Who said she’d be killed off in this theoretical reboot I made up?

  • Babel Wabel

    Guinan  doesn’t need a new cast.. stick with Whoopi Goldberg :).. AND ich like the Will Wheaton a Riker Idea but the rest is awesome

  • Elizabeth Bartlett

    I agree with everyone but Picard…just don’t see Eccleston as the right choice but don’t have an alternative either. Hmm.

  • Maxwell LaChance

    Whoopi Goldberg should just come back to be Guinan again.  

  • kgrey38

    You make me sad.

  • kgrey38

    I think the first excursion of the new characters had to be a bit…less than perfect in providing role models.  But I see great potential for future installments.  We never saw any of the other crews at such an early point in their lives–at least not all together and not under the same pressures as this crew.  Watching them develop is going to be very satisfying and it’s going to show children that even if you’re troubled you can move on to a better situation and a better self.  A classic Trek approach to role models would not captivate modern youth,

  • Dale Toy

    In a word……YES.

  • Shiz.

    Definitely no to most of the cast replacement. Jeebus the creepus, are those serious? The only half decent one is Tom Hiddleston as Data. And I say half decent because Tom exhudes sex appeal only, there is nothing innocent about that sexy man.
    And Captain Picard and Riker, really???? Om my days, I feel like crying in a corner now.

  • Anonymous

    That would be insanely meta since Abed and Troy have a dreamatorium to play inspector spacetime, while Geordi and Data preferred playing sherlock Holmes on the holodeck. 

  • Anonymous

    …the exact size of Belgium, actually….

  • Jeanie Robinson

    You certainly pegged the right Dr. Crusher. I agree NO ONE would ever replace Patrick Stewart, but then again, I thought no one could replace William Shatner! 

  • Harvin Bedenbaugh

    Chris, Ewan, Billy, Tom, John… I would fangasm all over the theater if this happened.

  • Anonymous

     I agree, I love Felicia but she’d probably be a guest star on my reboot of TNG. She’s a little too manic/flaily to be Crusher.

  • Anonymous

     This is a good point; I do think it would be hard for people to come up with a decent list of people who ARE appropriate as tertiary characters though.

  • Athena Hollow

    I agree with all of them but Guinan. Wanda Sykes’ natural voice is just too shrill for that character.

  • oaktree


  • Anonymous

    I admit, I now have this mental image of them going out once off duty, and pausing to give each other the secret handshake and sing a little o/` Geord and Data in Ten-Foooooorward! o/` ditty.

  • Logan England

    I would use Colin Ford (young Sam from Supernatural) as Wesley. The only other issue I see with this fun fantasy casting is getting Eccleston and Barrowman in a room together, as it seems there’s no love lost between the two of them. 

  • Jay B

    The only change I would make: Instead of Wanda Sykes for Guinan, I’d go with Tracie Thoms.

  • Anonymous

    Use the Ron Moore approach, and completely reimagine it, like he did to Battlestar Galactica. It could be great. Make it Edgy, Make it “Real”. Add jittery hand held cameras, swish-pans, and that whole “cinema verite” feel to it. Maybe even use the grimy lens thing too.
    Turn Worf into an angsty 20 something Human woman. In fact, get rid of all “Alien” species, I mean seriously, no one wants to see the “Rubber Head of the Week” thing anymore. Klingons would now be Human Colonists from Earth. Make Troy an psychotic, alcoholic, Lesbian. Get rid of Data, I mean seriously, Androids? Those aren’t real. Riker should HATE Picard, and have a secret agenda to throw him out the airlock in disgrace. Geordi should be so psychologically damaged over his eyesight problems, that he deteriorates over the course of the reimagined series, in a slow, plodding, endless fashion. Maybe add a whole Oedipus storyline with Dr Crusher & Wesley.

    Get rid of all the Techno-jargon, and back story nonsense. Hire on a bunch of writers and designers who HATED not only TNG, but Trek in general. Get rid of all those sleek “Star Fleet” uniforms, and use 21st century off the shelf clothes instead.

    No more Phasers and Photon Torpedoes, those should be replaced with Bullets and Nukes.

    Transporters would of course be eliminated. Come on, those aren’t “Real”! If they ever need to go to a planet’s surface, they use a shuttle, but this show should focus on the “drama” within the crew

    Wait til you hear the new “music”, think “Gregorian Chants” meets a Jamacian/African Steel Drum & Reed Whistle ensemble. Maybe include a bad “midi” version of the old theme in homage to the original, but this should stand alone.

    Think Dark and Gritty “Enterprise 90210″, with tangled multi-season long “story arcs”. No more stand alone episodes. No more cheesy Heroics. No more unrealistic, “holier than thou” preachy “Prime Directive” drivel. ST-TNG reimagined should be about real life

    Seriously, Use the “Ron Moore Method” on “Star Trek-The Next Generation” re-imagined. After all, Ron got his greatest support from Star Trek fans, who unanimously said that what Ron did for Galactica was A-OK. 

  • Anonymous

    I would have gone with Nathan Fillion as Q…

  • Mark Compton

    Okay, the Data one, I can somewhat agree with, but the rest, sorry, the Actress for Crusher would be too young.  

  • Cindy Womack

    I like Freema but shes a bit young for Bev. How bout teh actress that played River Song and Freema plays Deanna Troi (just dont see Billie in that part, gmm Billie as Ensign Ro?)

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Too young for Eccleston? Have you seen many films and tv shows these days? Age difference doesn’t really matter.

  • Emerald

    Matt Smith would make a terrific Odo from DS9. :D 

  • Emerald

    You took my childhood, and made it appeal to the grown nerd in me even more. Though… that said, Wheaton as Riker would be hilarious.

  • write_light

     It holds up so-so, and he holds up better than most of it.  Plus hilarious Stephen Moyer irony in a couple of eps.

  • catibri mcg

     that would be a nice blend – and Hey I like Wil Wheaton … so there !!!!

  • ragbonehair

    I love a lot of these ideas – especially Tom as Data! – but Eccleston as Picard? No.

    The man’s fantastic and a brilliant actor but you wouldn’t get more than one season out of him, two at the very most, before he jumped ship!

    The voice is the essential thing for me with Picard (I blame Patrick Stewart for my rock solid voice kink in adulthood :p), along with a sense of calm and gravitas. So how about Chiwetel Ejiofor? Or, if you want to go a bit further into left field, how about Kristin Scott Thomas? 

  • Kelly Cassidy

    I like the list a lot, including Eccleston… Although no matter what role he’s in, I just don’t see Eccleston putting up with kids, especially bratty Wesley… That part just doesn’t do it for me… But I can see Eccleston shouting “There are four lights!!”

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Seriously, all of you rock for this thread. If this becomes a habit, it would not be a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    It just sort of snowballed… but was a great example of why the Mary Sue has some of the best readers on the net in their commenting community. ;)

  • Marie Foley

    This has just made my day!! i so wish this would happen!

  • Anonymous

    Aggree so soooo whole hardheartedly about everyone except Carl as Wesley.  Wesley should be a smart, ambitious, vivacious.   Carl is about as exciting as dust on paint drying on grass growing….

  • Francesca M


    Its a Smorgasbord of AWESOME>

  • MR. Clark

    Stana Katic as Ro Laren

  • Anonymous

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  • Joel Alan Gaffney

    You’re not going to be able to have a TNG reboot the same way you had the original series reboot.  Star Trek (2009) rewrote the entire timeline…everything is different from that point forward, so there’s no way you’ll end up with the same collection of crew on the Enterprise a hundred years later.

    There’ll still be an Enterprise, no doubt, and it would still be the flagship of the federation, but the entire history of the Federation plays out so much differently with Vulcan destroyed and the Vulcan people scattered as refugees across the galaxy…

  • Anonymous

    Renee O’Connor as Crusher or Tasha… Amanda Tapping would be great, too.

  • El Lestra

    Funny you picked so many Brits for this. In other words – I was dreading this but it looks pretty good ;)

  • Helen Klaassen

    Please, no, not John Barrowman, anyone but John Barrowman….

  • Anonymous

    I think that would be karmic justice for all the crap he’s been through playing Wesley. 

  • Life Lessons

    Excellent choices!!!!

  • Steven Connell

    I so glad someone else figured out that Bryce Dallas Howard should be Crusher!  I had that same feeling.  Eccleston is an interesting choice and I can see the resemblence, but I imagined Tom Hardy taking the role, first of becuase he’s amazing and could probably do it, plus the fact he had played Picard’s clone kinda brings it full circle.

  • May Dantas

    Can’t agree more!

  • May Dantas

    Tom Hiddleston as Data is just too perfect for words…
    I have to agree with Wendy Reynolds in the comments: “Will Wheaton as Will Riker” would be too epic.
    And I’m afraid that Patrick Stewart is just irraplaceble… maybe he could still be Picard XD

  • Stacy Stacey

    I love all your choices.  Spot on!

    And like others have stated … I to loved Will Wheaton as Wesley Crusher.  He was my favorite character.

  • Ryan Bonds

    I honestly think a new show should be made, don’t reboot TNG, make something further in the future, maybe 60-70 years. Maybe a non-human captain as well? That would be interesting, Klingon, or Vulcan would be cool. Could do some of the same ideas as well, with an android similar to Data, maybe bring in a a few ex-borg. Make things interesting, change it up, and the fan-base would just eat it up. 

  • Adam Ahmed

    Very good overall, here are some I’ve been thinking of…
    Anne Hathaway as Troi
    Jessica Chastain or Christina Hendricks as Crusher
    Laz Alonso (Tsu’tey from Avatar) as Worf
    Jennifer Lawrence as Yar
    And I had the exact same pick for Riker. I couldn’t think of anyone, then I saw Game of Thrones and the rest is history.

  • Trish Ehrke Dudley

    I would say Amy Adams as Dr. Crusher.

  • rainshadow

    I thought casting Simon Pegg as Scotty was genius, so why not Glover? Good choice.

  • James

    Crusher: Christina Hendricks

    Troi: Diora Baird, Keeley Hazell, Peta Todd, Rhian Sugden, or Sophie Howard

    Yar: Madison Welch, Katee Sackoff, Rhian Sugden

    More blue-eyed people on TV. They’re too few on TV nowadays

  • Sierra Rader


  • Hannele Kormano
  • Magic Xylophone

    Barrowman is way too handsome and charming for Q. Ricky Gervais, that’s the ticket. The rest are great though. I want to see Elba as Worf so bad.



    why not
    Idris Elba
    as Captain Jean-Luc Picard

  • Yashodhan Talwar

    I agree with every single choice. I would love to see Eccleston as Picard. He’d make a slightly more bad ass, but no less authoritative Picard.

  • Keiron Cullen

    It would be wise to analyze the vote up/down function, I am simply bringing humans the the visual facts

  • Alex Stockwell

    Captain Jean Luc Picard: James McAvoy. He took the role of Professor Xavier because he wanted to play Picard.
    Commander William Riker: Taylor Kitsch. Who cares if he’s made more bombs than Oskar Schindler, he’s a badass, and perfect for Riker.
    Lt. Commander Data: Joseph Gordon Levitt
    Doctor Beverly Crusher: Bryce Dallas Howard. I firmly believe she’s either a clone or a Skrull.

    Counselor Deanna Troi: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Lt. Worf: Omar Sy
    Lt. Geordi LaForge: Brandon T. Jackson
    Chief Miles O’Brien: Danny McBride
    Lt. Tasha Yar: Jennifer Lawrence. Who better to make Tasha the unmitigated badass she was always meant to be?

    Ensign Ro Laren: Isabelle Fuhrman
    Lt. Reginald Barclay: Brandon Routh
    Q: James Franco
    The Borg Queen: Maggie Gyllenhaal. My favorite actress, and I badly wanna see her play a villain.

  • Alex Stockwell

    Or better yet, Wesley Crusher from the alternate timeline, like Spock Prime from the first movie.

  • Adam Ahmed

    Ok, I’ve got this this pretty much perfected (and yes, this article was the main inspiration)…

    Jean-Luc Picard: Christopher Eccleston

    William Riker: Richard Madden

    Data: Tom Hiddleston

    Geordi La Forge: Donald Glover

    Worf: Laz Alonso

    Beverly Crusher: Bryce Dallas Howard

    Deanna Troi: Anne Hathaway

    Tasha Yar: Katee Sackhoff

    Wesley Crusher: Aramis Knight

    Guinan: Tracie Thoms

    Ro Laren: Noomi Rapace

    Miles O’Brien: Ewan McGregor

    Reginald Barclay: Billy Boyd

    Q: John Barrowman

    DaiMon Bok: Peter Dinklage

    Borg Queen: Tilda Swinton

    And last but not least, an original cast member must return…

    Lwaxana Troi: Marina Sirtis

  • Jennifer Silva

    I think Edward ‘Tom’ Hardy would be a better fit for Captain Picard. He already played Shinzon Picard’s clone. Now he would be a bit older and could play a somewhat younger picard. All the reboots are focused on getting a younger version of the crew and I think he would be perfect. They could go ahead with the alternate timeline and get to the point in that timeline where the TNG crew would have existed and make a movie or show with that in mind. There would be a lot different because of the alterations. It would be interesting to see how much different and how much the same an alternate timeline Picard and crew would be. I’m not sure about the other actors, some of your picks I think are perfect. I think you got the right actor for data, riker, troi, and crusher. Michael Ealy might do a good Geordi, and what about Cillian Murphy for O’brien? Ty Parker could probably do a good Wesley Crusher and I think Christopher Judge could play Worf easily he played Teal’c from Stargate SG1. What about Sanaa Lathan for Guinan? I think your picks for Q and Barclay would be good too. I don’t know if I would even recast Tasha Yar because even though she was a great character she was gone so quickly Worf ended up developing more as Security officer than she did.

  • Rob S

    What about Nurse Ogawa?

  • Edac2

    Damn, you nailed it! An awesome cast. And Idris Elba as Worf is just too cool.