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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Star Trek Into The Darkness Trailer Is Here & It’s Narrated By Benedict Cumberbatch!

The Star Trek crew likes to tease us when it comes to clips from the new movie, Star Trek Into The Darkness but this is the real deal. And I might have peed a little while watching it. Hit the jump for the very first trailer for Star Trek Into The Darkness!

And surprise! Extra bonus Japanese version with some different clips!!

(via Action Flick Chick)

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  • Obi-Wan

    is that Spock dying at the end of the Japanese trailer? Will it be Khan seeking revenge and not Gary Mitchell? Oh! the feelings!

  • Jonathan F. Sullivan

    This may mean nothing but this morning an anonymous user changed a phrase in the first paragraph of Garth of Izar’s Memory Alpha entry from “into madness” to “into darkness”:

  • Anonymous

    That last scene in the Japanese version – “Needs of the many!!!” Totally!

  • Anonymous

    When did his voice get so low? I love it!
    I have such cognitive dissonance about B.C. He’s really quite unappealing without costumes and makeup, but oh, how I love him in the movies.

  • Joyce

    I assume its Gary Mitchell, because if they didn’t cast another Mexican(or Spanish, or even Indian since that was the race Kahn is supposed to be) actor as Kahn to replace Ricardo Montalbán the ‘Race Bending’ website will have a field day.

    My original feelings on the 09 film remain, it was a good film, but not a good Star Trek Film. Maybe a good Star Wars film, but it wasn’t Star Trek. I can only hope that the writing team/director/producer actually watched the original series for this one, to get the feel of Star Trek back into the reboot.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, dear, I recognize that shot of the hands…

    And please, someone tell me that’s Janice Rand.

    Considering his full name was Khan Noonian Singh, I always assumed he was more from the Indo-China area, and Montalban’s casting was the old “any ethnic person can play any other ethnic person” idea. So if anything, HIS casting was Race bending.

  • Anonymous

    First thoughts: Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto are looking damn good in black leather.

  • Corbomite

    Another dude busting up San Francisco for revenge? I hope this is more a matter of cookie-cutter trailers than a cookie-cutter movie.

    I’m sure I’ll enjoy this film plenty, but this tailer doesn’t do much for me. But since I was going to go anyway and enjoy it plenty, they probably weren’t directing it at me.

  • Not Prince Charles

    Is it weird that I thought the voice at first was Patrick Stewarts, which then somehow morphed into Benedict’s? No…Didn’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    It was also nearly 50 years ago. I’d like to think we’ve progressed to the point where we aren’t casting white people as non-white characters. But then again Hollywood keeps doing it.

  • Mandy

    Epic! Yet not at all what I expected from a Star Trek trailer. AND I STILL CAN’T TELL WHO B.C.’s VILLIAN IS SUPPOSE TO BE! I’m hoping for Gary Mitchell but most people seem to be saying he is suppose to be Khan. :/

    And is it just me or does the tone/VO of this trailer remind anyone else of the Mandarin’s VO in the Iron Man 3 trailer?

  • Magic Xylophone

    Dude… Irrfan Khan. How boss would that be?

  • Mark Matson

    Yes, he sounds like Mandarin, who himself sounds like Bain. It’s a thing.

  • Angi

    Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain will be 2013′s version of Loki. Also,I’d like to marry him and have his curl headed babies.

  • Grif

    I wish they would just confirm who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. My guess is Gary Mitchell.

  • Rick Bman

    That last bit is definitely a nod to Wrath of Khan but I don’t think that is Kirk’s hand. The sleeve is black. I guess he might be out of uniform.

  • Katie Marinelli

    Not enough Karl Urban/Bones. D:

  • s-girl

    It looks like another disaster movie sadly. But since we’re comparing trailer I think the Japanese trailer is better. It portrays the heroic dilemma not as saving the world, but saving yourself (via your family.)

  • Ria Narai

    I’m fairly certain she’s Dr Elizabeth Dehner aka the psychiatrist from Where No Man Has Gone Before who also gets those crazy psychic powers along with Gary Mitchell. Which is who I think Benedict is playing.

    I’m really not getting all these ‘OMG IT’S KHAN’ from the very ,very iconic shot of the hands which is CLEARLY the team trolling everyone just because it’s the second film and everyone wants to jump to conclusions…

  • Not So Young Democrat

    So “I have returned” and “to have my vengeance”. Does this indicate that Bandersnatch Cumberbund might be playing Khan? Of course, the reason for Khans revenge in “Wrath” don’t exist in the rebooted Trek franchise but maybe he just wants a generic revenge against humanity.

  • Amelyn

    I’m sure as well that’s Elizabeth Dehner. We do see her wearing a blue uniform, at one moment. Janice Rand’s uniform would be red. I would be my original Star Trek DVD set that it’s Dehner.

  • Anonymous

    Funeral scene, BC’s character back for revenge (maybe Kirk sent him off to his death), one man apocalypse, Doctor…. if that isnt Gary Mitchell then I’m not wearing any pant’s right no- GODDAMMIT WHERE ARE MY PANTS! This always happens when Benedict Cumberbatch is on my screen

  • liz

    It’s a travesty that this JJ Abrams stuff has Gene Roddenberry’s name associated with it in any way. These movies have nothing to do with Roddenberry’s Star Trek at all and should be entirely renamed. It’s more like Marvel Comics than anything else – seems like Abrams wants to do Avengers-type movies. So go ahead and leave anything related to the old series out of it. Let’s call it ‘Spaceman Spliff Defeats Generic New Alien Enemy II’ or III or IV or how many ever.

  • Jerry Jackson

    It’s John Harrison. Some are saying it’s Khan as a alias.