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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

First Star Trek Into Darkness Clip Teases a Whale of a Scene [VIDEO]

The clip, behind the jump, is part of the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness that premiered at IMAX screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, so there’s nothing too spoilery regarding the overall plot. There is a fish, though. (Not a whale, which isn’t even a fish, I know. But can I really be expected to avoid a whale reference?) And a certain Enterprise crew member faces quite a bit of peril.

As a side note, the first gala premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness is happening tomorrow in Australia (which might be today in New York?… Bah, time zones), and that means people will start to find out who the Cumbervillain really is. If you find out, please, please make a concerted effort not to spoil others. And if you have to wait for your country’s wide release, you might want to start getting extra-careful about what links you click right about now. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

(via: Collider)

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  • Anonymous

    Good tease, though parts of it were a bit lazy, with too-exaggerated ties to other plots and the ridiculous mechanical toggle switches.

  • Rick Bman

    Now I just really want to hear Simon Pegg saying “Captain, There be whales here!”

  • Kim Pittman

    I am right there with you. I said McCoy’s line before he did, and when she flipped those switches I was like, WtH was that?!? TOGGLES? Did someone forget what era this is?

    They won’t even put real buttons on my ps3 and you expect them to put big loud toggles on the Enterprise?!?

  • Max Nocerino

    Simply horrible. And Star Wars will be no better. Thanks J.J. Abrams

  • Brian

    Point of order: Toggles are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re “lighting up” a rocket engine, not so much if you’re telling your stereo to tune to 94.7.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of nit-pickery and negativity for minute and half long clip…Anyone actually planning on seeing the damn thing before passing judgment? Togglenagging..? Really?

    Oh…and the wet suits(?) on Kirk and McCoy are giving me the vapors! Why was Uhura’s pink?

  • Anonymous

    Why did Uhura’s have a front zipper when all the men clearly didn’t?

    Front zippers on wetsuits are impractical. They chafe your throat.

  • Brian

    Or if you’re doing literally anything Wash does on Serenity. Is it just me, or did that guy hit the same three toggles any time they did anything?

  • Anonymous

    Cuz if the costume designers imagination is as filthy as mine, their zippers are in the back ;-)

  • Austin Wildcatter

    People! Just flail and gasp and be excited! This one minute and eighteen seconds or whatever was = better than at least half of the original films put together.

  • Anonymous

    Never saw that film, just checked the trailer which didn’t seem that great, but checked Netflix anyways and it has 4.5 stars! – holy cow, maybe my first impression isn’t accurate… I’ll check it out.

  • Brian

    Watch the show first. It really does live up to the hype.

  • Nicole Resweber

    Eew, those costumes…

  • Kim Pittman

    Ooo watch the show. Otherwise the movie isn’t nearly as awesome. Also, you have to persist to the 4th episode, but after that it jells up nicely. :)

    Wash did flip toggles, but it made WAY more sense for that ship which appeared to be 90% salvaged and rigged and duct tape! This is the Enterprise, clean and pretty like an Apple store.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, sorry all for questions, but Netflix doesn’t have Serenity TV series and while Google says it was a spinoff of Firefly and aired for a couple years the only video references I can find are firefly episodes – so I’ve added the 14 firefly episodes Netflix has, will watch at least the first 4.

  • Kim Pittman

    Yeah the Tv show is called Firefly (Serenity is the name of the ship, which is a Firefly class ship.)

    There are only 14 episodes, as it was cancelled (before the last 3 had even aired!). That’s why a bunch of us Firefly Fans petitioned to get a movie, to tie up at least some of the story lines. :)

  • ducky

    bones stop that

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I’d watched an interesting youtube about a year ago from some ComicCon convention or similar where the Firefly cast had been reunited, and the fanbase had gone nuts. I’d had a coworker that was very much into that show at the time, but I was traveling so much for work then I couldn’t commit to watching so never tried it… For others with Netflix, they stream it, so if I’m game I could watch all 14 in a weekend. I think Hulu has it too.

  • Galen

    Toggles were part of the original series. It’s an homage.