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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Every Marvel Cameo Stan Lee Has Ever Done [VIDEO]

Here’s a video of every single Stan Lee cameo (minus non-Marvel stuff like Mallrats), from The Trial of the Incredible Hulk in 1989 to last summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s kind of cool to see how he’s gotten to do more stuff as the years have gone by. By the time Ant-Man (November 2015*) rolls around he’ll probably get to punch out a baddie or something.

*I want no one to question whether Lee will be around in perpetuity to do cameos. Yes, I know he just turned 90. But he’s immortal, so it’s fine. Really. It’s gonna be OK.

(via: Geeks Are Sexy)

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  • Anonymous

    Stan Lee is so awesome

  • delphia2000

    Best one is the Hulk with Lou Ferrigno.

  • Anonymous

    Nah, the best one is where he plays Willie Lumpkin. I knew that’s who he would play as soon as I started thinking about his cameo in “Fantastic Four.”

  • TenthAveFreezeOut

    It’s funny how most of them are Stan Lee with a wide-eyed gape haha!

  • Inky

    My favorites are when Tony Stark keeps mistaking him for other super old guys.

  • Bethany O’Neill

    His bit in The Amazing Spider-man just made me laugh so hard xD