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Allow us to explain.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Neil Gaiman Share A Quiet Breakfast

We don’t know what Doctor Who star Matt Smith and writer Neil Gaiman were discussing over breakfast but it was probably something about Cybermen. Don’t look now, new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman wants in on the fun, too! 

Gaiman tweeted, “About to watch the Doctor Who Xmas special. Just bumped into two nice people.”

Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

Aw, man! And here we have to wait until December 25th…

(top image via Alex Zalben, lower image via Neil Gaiman)

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  • Anonymous

    She’s so TINY…

    If you look at some of the promotional videos, she doesn’t seem nearly that twee. I think the new Doctor Who production budget will have a new line item: “Boxes for Jenna to stand on”.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they just reveled in their general Britishness and had tea and crumpets or something adorable like that.

  • RH

    Crumpets would be in the afternoon, not at breakfast. Looks like they are revelling in a hotel breakfast with a croissant and a bagel, however I’d be surprised if they weren’t drinking tea, what else would they be drinking that early in the morning?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but neither bagels nor croissants are sufficiently Britishy for the adorable-factor.

    And they could, in theory, also be drinking coffee. But I reject that notion, too.

    *I reject your reality and substitute my own!*

  • Nicole Ferguson

    I don’t think she’s that tiny…I think that Matt is tall. Karen Gillen is 5’10 so your average female companion will seem short in comparison.