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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Official Agents Of SHIELD Cast Photos

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Yesterday we showed you snazzy ID badges from ABC’s Agents of SHIELD. Today, along with news of an official timeslot for the Joss Whedon series, comes promotional photos of the cast (including a bonus Whedon shot). The network has decided to air SHIELD on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., right before another new series, this fall. Check out these official images of the cast.

(via MTV Splash Page)

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  • Anonymous

    I want Agent Simmons entire outfit. Right. Now.

  • Kay Livingston

    /images of every character solo

    /image of Agent Leo Fitz breathing down Agent Jemma Simmons’ neck


  • Dave

    Agent Simmons is rather Tenth Doctor-chic. I approve!

  • thebravestheart

    I was just going to ask if anyone was thinking Torchwood!

  • Miss Cephalopod

    When I saw Agent Ward’s idea my first thought was, “I bet he has a stopwatch and makes one helluva cuppa. Whoops, wrong show.”

  • Miss Cephalopod

    Then again, his face has a more Jack-like quality. Unholy lovechild from the future?

  • Karen R Quick

    Cosplaying girls everywhere are already scouring the web for Simmons’ stuff! I love it!

  • Fang McGee

    With Ming Na being the sole exception, this cast is exceptionally white.

  • Ruth O’Brien

    Simmons already looks annoying

  • Brian Adkins

    No. Nor would I want it to be as depressing as that show.

  • Alissa Knyazeva

    I think the young woman with the purple shirt is half-Asian (or so I recall – can’t remember the name right now to check).

    That being said, yeah, I agree with you. I’m pretty sure Nick Fury was the only non-white character that got to speak in all of Avengers, which was…. painfully (and embarrassingly) obvious to even someone as white as me.

    There is a certain hope here though – two more non-white actors are listed as part of the cast, but their roles have not been revealed yet (the common assumption is that it’s because they have an important superhero role to play, but Whedon wants to make their reveal a surprise).

  • Jamie Jeans

    So… just ONE woman of colour, eh? >_>

    Look, I know the trailer has the one black man who may or may not be Power Man but come on… they can do better than this!

  • Amanda Murray

    Two. Melinda and Skye are both Asian.

  • Amanda Murray

    Skye is also Asian. Sure, it’s be nice to see more non-white people, but when was the last time you saw two unrelated Asian main characters on a TV show?

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Does Ming-Na EVER age?

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    They were posed together because of the name joke, “Fitzsimmons”.

  • Thomas Hayes

    I bloody well hope it’s not like Torchwood. At least not its first series, anyway.

  • Kay Livingston

    Aha, cute! I saw that bit in the full-length trailer and I was like, “Oh, that’s kinda clever.” Still a bit weird, since it would’ve been just as easy to have them posing together in a slightly less suggestive way, but I don’t mind if it’s foreshadowing more than just a platonic work connection as long as it’s well-done.

  • Kay Livingston

    Answered this complaint just yesterday. Two Asian women, one black man, and a Mexican woman on the cast list. Four out of nine known crew are POC, three are WOC.

  • Travis Fischer

    Oh what are you worried about? When has Joss Whedon ever depressed anybody?

  • Agatha Gomes

    I really hope this is going to be awesome! I need something to watch after I’m done, re-watching all of Smallville and Star Trek next gen.

  • Anonymous

    Truth be told, had you not said that, I wouldn’t have realized she was at all Asian. I googled it and she’s half Chinese.

    But I still agree with the sentiment. There’s no real variation in skin color here. I guess, at least to me, it still seems very “White” (i.e. a lot of people who still conform to Western standards of beauty).

  • Anonymous

    I like Fitz’s slightly Mod look. Him and Simmons were both English right?

  • i hate twittter

    Why are these photos so awkward?

  • Lauren Allen

    So, … why is Coleson alive? Is the series a flashback? And if it is, then why would anyone care beyond one or two episodes .. since it by definition couldn’t have anything to do with the current phase2 movie productions?