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Will We See Sherlock’s Irene Adler Again? Actress Lara Pulver Weighs In.

The classic character Irene Adler has recently been cast for CBS’s Elementary but will we see her return to BBC’s Sherlock? Hear what Lara Pulver has to say on the matter. 

Pulver premiered as Adler in Season 2 of Sherlock but from all we’ve heard so far about Season 3, it doesn’t look like she’ll be returning (though I wouldn’t put it past them to sneak some texts in). What about Season 4 or 5?

“She’s definitely not dead, which is always a good start,” Pulver told Spinoff Online. “However, I have no doubt at some point Irene Adler will be back in that BBC show. It was such a wonderful piece of writing on Steven Moffat’s part, and it’s become a very kind of iconic relationship between Holmes and Adler. There’s definitely more to be explored, but it might not be in the immediate future.”

Not everyone was thrilled with how Adler was represented on Sherlock but I’d personally love to see more of the character. As to Elementary, Pulver thinks it has its own place but hasn’t seen the show.

“That’s the wonderful thing about Conan Doyle: It’s open for complete new interpretation,” she said. “I think that’s what Steven Moffat and Mark [Gatiss] were so wonderful at — making their world based on the Conan Doyle books. I’ve not seen Elementary in order to comment, but hopefully they’re putting their own spout on that show and I’m sure they’ll create, just like with the Sherlock Holmes movies, their own world and their own Irene Adler.”

(via Spinoff)

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  • Christin

    In my personal headcanon, during the great hiatus (BBC edition), Sherlock hides out with Irene for a while to lick his wounds and start planning.

  • Brian

    In my personal headcanon, American Watson and British Sherlock kill each other in a heated cheekbone fight.

  • Travis Fischer


  • Diana OmegaSama Davidsson

    Just no. She was in one chapter (a short one) in the books and there was nothing between her or Sherlock there. Which is why she was such an interesting character, she was strong and independent and she outsmarted the smartest man in London. WHY do writers want to make her some kind of love interest to Holmes? Why not just let her be the strong and independent woman she was 120 years ago? It’s sad when the VICTORIAN version of her is more forward than the modern.

  • Sophie

    I think that was pretty much the plot of Frankenstein.

  • Brian

    No, with the two Sherlocks, it’s more a cheeks vs chin thing. The unstoppable force of Cumberbatch’s cheekbones vs the immovable object of Jonny Lee Miller’s steam shovel jawbone.

  • Sophie

    That was a reading comprehension fail on my part, but that mental image may have just made my day.

  • Sophie

    That was a reading comprehension fail on my part, but that mental image may have just made my day.

  • ducky

    there was nothing /sexual/ between them. mentally, they were intrigued by one another, which can be a fun thing to explore further. I absolutely do not want to see her as a love interest for Holmes, and I think Moffat pulled another River Song on us with BBC Irene, but maybe if he’s not the one writing her if she came back, things could go better??? they could also give her her own love interest, like she had in the ACD story. this show could do with more lesbians anyway.

  • Diana OmegaSama Davidsson

    Which is why I would have wanted her to be something more than a love interest. Make her a badass character instead. She was the one that could outwit Sherlock, something not even Moriarty was really able to do. She was a strong and independent woman in a world where women were barely allowed outside. Why even remotely make her interested in Sherlock in a sexual manner (which they did)? Why not just have her be professional and outsmarting Sherlock without making it sexual? Same goes for the movie version.