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You’re Getting Post-Serenity Firefly Stories Thanks To Dark Horse


Instead of waiting for that Serenity sequel film that’s probably never going to happen, why not continue the story of the Firefly crew in comic book form?

Comic Book Resources had the exclusive news – Dark Horse Comics will be producing a comic book series that takes place after 2005’s Serenity. They have yet to reveal the writer, but Buffy the Vampire Season 8/9 artist Georges Jeanty will take on those duties for the Firefly crew.

“‘Firefly’ is a lot darker than ‘Buffy,’ There are way more shadows and shading than with ‘Buffy.’ Also, when I was drawing ‘Buffy,’ I could start from scratch. Sure, I had to keep in line with how the characters looked, but everything [else] was up for grabs. Sunnydale was destroyed, so I didn’t have to keep in line with the architecture,” Jeanty told CBR. “With ‘Firefly’ there are seven characters and a ship to consider. When they’re on Serenity — fans know what every inch of that ship looks like, so I have to be very meticulous with my depiction. Not to mention there are a few very subtle differences in the ship from TV to the movie. This is definitely a learning experience, one I don’t think I’ll fully master until the series is over!”

What exactly can we expect from the continuing story? CBR writes:

As the series begins, Mal and the crew are recouping from their recent strike against the sinister interplanetary government, The Alliance, in which they exposed government agencies as those responsible for the creation of the Reavers — the scourge of the universe. With River Tam in the co-pilot chair and a very pregnant Zoe reeling from the death of her husband, Wash, Mal is finding himself and his ship in greater danger than ever.

I’m excited for this. While part of me doesn’t even want to imagine the crew without Wash and Book, I have been wanting more Firefly, and I’ve really enjoyed Dark Horse’s continuation of Buffy so I’m hopefult his will be just as good. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Joss Whedon himself didn’t at least start the series off. Though I will miss Jeanty’s work on Buffy if he’s completely switching over.

Check out Comic Book Resources for two pages of art.

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