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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Future Is Now!

The Inevitable Result of Robot Surgery

I’ll say up front that I have no particular knowledge of the safety of robot assisted surgery, the long-term health effects, or its impact on the medical and patient community, other than the fact that the Wikipedia article on it has no less than four “issues” listed at the top of it and they’ve all been there since 2010.

What I do know, is that this actual commercial is one step away from an actual Saturday Night Live Sketch, and also that they really, really could have come up with a more serious url than one that implies swatting a roomba with a rolled up newspaper. (Also, I just checked, and is totally available, people.)

(via I Heart Chaos.)


  • Ellie Davidson

    My mom had this and it is so much safer than having a surgery done by a human. All it leaves is 4 little puncture scars. But a surgeon is still operating it, doing the surgery. But it is still a surgery, so there is a chance of complications, as with any surgery. The only issue my mom had was that a stitch popped, but that was because she was being too active. Things like this make me mad. I can honestly say that she did not regret getting a ‘robot’ to do her surgery and it honestly saved her life. (with minimal scarring!)

  • Josie Marie Avila

    I’ve been watching this late night commercial for the last week and had been wondering the same thing! I’m so glad it wasn’t just me who found this rediculous…

  • Anonymous

    The URL is mainly what cracks me up. “Bad robot! Bad surgical robot, look what you did!”