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The Best Rainbow-Winged Unicorn With a Baby That’s Actually A Cake You’ll Ever See

There was definitely an certain period during my larval stages when my idea of happiness would have been a Lisa Frank painting that you could eat. It was probably right around the time that every pegasus and winged unicorn in my coloring book got a complimentary set of rainbow colored wings, manes and tails.

Cake decorator Heather Sherman designed and put together this cake for her daughter’s seventh birthday, after she requested a “rainbow unicorn pegasus with a mama and a baby.”

If my mother is reading this right now, I’m sure she’s glad that I limited my insanely outlandish and specific requests to Halloween costumes.

Sherman certainly rose to the occasion, if I do say so myself.

The head and legs of the unicorns are solid rice krispy treat,

The wings were supported by a food-safe wire,

the feathers were gumpaste,

and the body was pure gold vanilla cake.


  • Anonymous

    8-year-old me is SO excited right now–doubley so because today is my birthday anyway, and I kinda feel like this should be MY cake. !!!!

  • Tabetha Bagyan

    Its TOO beautiful to EAT! It’s SO brilliant! What a wonderful job.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a cake; that’s a work of art. My God, look at the detail on the feathers!

  • John Wao

    Doesn’t combining Unicorns and rainbows result in some kind of tear in the space time continuum? 

  • Joanna

    If that were so we’d all be dead by now.

  • Art 2 Eat

     Thank You All :-)!!! So glad you like my Pegasus-Unicorn Mama art cake! I am Heather Sherman and I go by Art2Eat Cakes :-) You can FB me or see my ‘folio at Flickr:

  • Anika Guldstrand

    That is INSANE! I would never want to cut into it.

  • Art 2 Eat

    Yeah, some of the kids did cry when we cut it, and a few adults too. You’ve GOT to cut them or mold and ants will come ;-) Seriously, it’s what I made it for, and part of the enjoyment is in the cutting. Got lots of pictures…and better cakes yet to come

  • Rebecca Wang

    My son REALLY wants me to replicate this cake for his 11th birthday coming up in July. Have you shared your instructions for how to make this anywhere online? Thanks!

  • Rosa

    Where can I get the instructions for the Pegasus cake?

  • Susan Hile Lambert

    what a truely beautiful work of art. i could never cut it. just beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    It’s beautiful, but you’d have to be Baron Sengir to cut this up though.