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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

You know nothing Jon Snow

The Boy from The Princess Bride Does Not Approve of Game of Throne’s Shockers Either


While we previously heard his opinion on earlier Game of Thrones events, it seems that little Fred Savage in The Princess Bride has, like the rest of us, continued to follow the story despite George R.R. Martin‘s cruelty.  However, his Grandfather just arrived at a certain event in the book he can’t accept.  Watch out for Spoilers, and otherwise, follow through for the video.

(via YouTube)

Previously in Game of Thrones

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  • Jeanette Diaz

    OH, that was brutal. I hate you and love you, creator of this video. And Mary Sue.

  • Rizz Rustbolt

    The more responses I see to this weeks episode, the more I wonder how much people might actually cheer the events of next week’s episode.

    People really seem to hate Catelyn.

  • Killemalla

    When the tv series started, I asked my hubby where he stashed the books to the series. He very seriously told me that “As soon as you like someone, they get killed off. Do you REALLY want to read a series like that?”

  • Anonymous

    Man, upon rewatching that moment was actually pretty ridiculous. I think it’s the combination of tearful drama and ridiculously over-the-top gore.

    Catelyn: Let my son go or I kill your daughter!
    Henchman: /kills Robb
    Catelyn: B’AWWW /slits daughter’s throat
    Henchman: /slits Catelyn’s throat

  • Aeryl

    It doesn’t really work without the attendant build up.

    The last two bits of gore, with the throat slashing, were over the top, IT DON’T WORK LIKE THAT!!!!

    I almost thought I was watching Spartacus for a minute.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    Catelyn was awesome. One thing is certain, she ain’t no Lori.

  • i hate twittter

    I think they were relying on shock value to distract viewers from how poorly shot it was. I can’t get over the guy that pops in the frame and then pops out. lol

  • i hate twittter

    IDK, on the female dominated communities I visit Catelyn is pretty revered and so is Sansa (who I think gets the most hate in male dominated spaces).

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Wait, so during this killing the wedding guests scene of a show ive never seen yet have had people scream the horror about…The guy who insturmented it is standing right bloody there defenseless…The guy who kills her son just seems to walk on camera and walk past and nobody even makes an effort to stop her before she could kill the woman?


  • Hailey Ferraro

    This is the greatest mash up video ever.

  • Kimship

    The guy who killed her son was there with them and supposed to be their ally. And the old guy had just stated that he didn’t care if she killed his wife(he can always get a new one). Old guy is an evil, vindictive bastard.

  • Kimship

    The guy who killed her son was there with them and supposed to be their ally. And the old guy had just stated that he didn’t care if she killed his wife(he can always get a new one). Old guy is an evil, vindictive bastard.

  • Kimship

    Maybe it’s because they can’t imagine being in Sansa’s shoes, while more women can?

    I think Sansa is a pretty strong character. She has to endure a lot, while walking a tightrope and having pretty much no say as to her fate. So, she plays along as best she can, but you know(or, rather, I believe) that given the right circumstances she will slip a dagger between Joffrey’s ribs with no hesitation. I just hope she’s the one who makes him pay in the end. (I’ve not read the books, so if she does (or not), please don’t tell me.)

    She’s not strong in the same way as Arya, but I don’t think Arya would have lasted long if she had been in Sansa’s shoes, either.

  • i hate twittter

    I’m with you. A lot of the hate directed towards Catelyn & Sansa is based in misogyny. There’s a few good “In Defense of Sansa Stark” posts out there that really nail why so many of the douchebros point their hate to her.

  • Kimship

    I’ll look for those. Thanks.

  • Lily Milos

    Before the start of this clip above, everyone else on “their side” has already been killed. They were at a wedding feast, so their guard was down and many were tipsy, if not drunk. This is just the final scene.

    Oh, and earlier, when she grabs the woman and threatens her life, her dear old hubby says he’ll just get a new one. Not the most upstanding chap, as you might imagine.

  • Herbert West

    It doesn’t? How many throat slashings have you been witness to? ;)

  • Laszlo

    I often see women, even supposed feminists hate on her. Either because they have some kind of bullshit in-universe vendetta against her because she was mean to Arya, or because their idea of feminism or a good character is being a total badass.

  • Laszlo

    Tragedies have been a pretty big thing since the ancient times. And the point is not that the characters die for a higher cause, though they often end up serving one. No, the real difference between good and bad storytelling in this is that you need to see their deaths coming. Like good storytelling is that they die because of their own flaws, or you can see that their struggle was pointless and they couldn’t possibly win, while bad storytelling is rocks fall, everyone dies.
    And GRRM’s deaths fit the criteria, they could be seen from miles away.

  • Nicolas Papaconstantinou

    I think the point of that Princess Bride framing sequence, and hopefully of the mash-up, is that the kid eventually accepts that the grandfather is entirely right about the nature of stories, and of being an “audience” to them: that a good story doesn’t give you what you want or expect, but takes you somewhere you might not have taken yourself.

    Which sounds like I’m lecturing, but I’ve seen this clip shared from opposite perspectives, and it isn’t always entirely clear that people on one side have considered the other.

    God, I loved that episode. I’d have preferred not to know in advance that something awful-awful happened, though, because my wife and I ended up responding to it less emotionally, more strategically. We got ourselves worked up that the bad would happen to our favourites, and ultimately being relieved, rather than experiencing the events as the anxiety-building horror that they were.

  • i hate twittter

    It’s understandable to not like a character and hate on particular moments/flaws though. The problem comes when they hate the character because she is feminine/girly and I haven’t seen feminists do that. Although, I admit I don’t know the leanings of everyone commenting on that matter. I just know feminist blogs/tumblrs have been all about defending Sansa.

  • Laszlo

    You’re right, obviously there’s no problem with simply disliking a character, the problem in this case is that Game of Thrones fans apparently can’t do that, they need to blame the character they dislike for everything bad, wish for their deaths and downplay all their positive traits and achievements.
    And I do see feminists do that shit, like right here on this site, or on our sister site, The Jane Dough. The writer covering GoT there apparently can’t praise Arya without saying how stupid and afraid Sansa is, even when it’s obviously wrong.

  • i hate twittter

    That’s sad. I was just checking the post you were talking about and it’s absurd that Sansa isn’t even in the running on the ‘feminist leaderboard’ according to this person. They did, however, agree with you after you pointed out they were being shitty & agreed to be less harsh on her so there’s that at least.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the exact same mashup as the last one only they replaced Ned’s death with the RW and it wasn’t that well edited.

  • Anonymous

    You should see the original one that was done using Princess Bride months ago.

  • Anonymous

    I get that you’re pissed but I completely disagree that the GRRM deaths are meaningless. Not only are they conclusions of character arcs (although I still believe that aging Robb that much ended up being detrimental to his storyline), but they have massive repercussions all over the other storylines. Ned’s death was the cause of pretty much 75% of what’s going on. Robb and Cat’s deaths, as well as all the others who died at the RW will make ripples of their own.
    I think one of the most interesting things about the books is that the many characters have their own arcs, their own journey, that sometimes seem disconnected from everyone else’s but they always end up riding the waves created somewhere else, and connecting with characters you never thought they would meet.

    All the killings in the books have reasons and consequences. They may shock you but that doesn’t mean they are meaningless twists for shock value. On the contrary. They are a necessary evil.