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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fans Do Cool Things

If Pixar Made Star Trek: Pixar Trek

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  • K Shorten

    WTF is up with Sulu? He looks like he is genuinely yellow in colour. Unless this is supposed to be re-imagining Sulu as an alien, literally yellow skin on the only asian cast member strikes me as kind of really racist. Or, actually erasing the only asian cast member in favour of an alien, while leaving the white cast intact.

    It is pretty clear that he’s using actual Pixar character models for most of these, but he really messed up the klingon – look at the colour of the face and the neck.

  • Anonymous

    I am totally disappointed in you for not at all pointing out obvious yellow face on Sulu.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, Sulu has jaundice.

  • Karin Mandigo

    I… Why is Sulu neon yellow and so… Toothy? To be honest, it’s really creeping me out. It’s like he’s from a cartoon during the Yellow Peril era. Really jarring considering all of the other human characters have smooth, nuanced skintones.

  • Anonymous

    Most of these are lovely, but I am sad that he has trouble with the all important skin-tone (specifically on Sulu, but Spock & the Klingon are a little off as well.) Doesn’t Pixar have any Asian characters for him to draw from?

  • Arc

    The artist is actually colorblind. He simply uses the eyedropper tool off of photographs to get the skin tones. I guess he just picked from a lousy area that time.

  • Anonymous

    Sulu looks like a racist caricature of Ben Chang… And I prefer Random Klingon when he was Random Scotsman.

  • Nelly Dreadful

    Russell from Up is the only one I can think of.

  • Arc
  • Anonymous

    Does that mean it’s OK to make yellow face? Why didn’t anyone else point that out before publicizing it

  • Alicia Joan Little

    What the hell happened with Sulu? All the others are clearly recognizable as pixar characters with some features added/removed but Sulu is just some funky mish-mash in yellowface :(

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Yellowface Sulu. Boo.

  • Magic Xylophone

    And has been eating cheetos.

  • Magic Xylophone

    That explains why Spock is green.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, he sounds like a defensive asshole. “Hey, I got it strait [sic] from the source! Hey, I’m an artist, that’s why I can’t spell!”

    Also, he may be colorblind, but I’m not buying the “purely by accident” line. You mean he impeccably colored every human cast member, but somehow just matt-painted Sulu’s skin in yellow “straight from the source”, despite the fact that a quick search of Sulu pulls up numerous photos lacking high yellow pigmentation, along with getting subtle hair highlights down to the detail?


  • Anonymous

    Since everyone else has mentioned Sulu, I’ll wonder why McCoy looks like a shaved ape.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed about Sulu too… yellow face? Really?

    And that sure as hell was not much of an apology… blaming it on photoshop when everyone else came out alright is a lame, weak excuse for his racism.

  • Cecilia Bexy Bexander

    I have to defend the artist because colour blindness is a real thing and slips like these can occur. Do some googling before you scream “LIES”. I recommend

    Paste the blog post adress in the filter to view it from the artists perspective. You will see that all the characters have the same matching skin hue in their faces, and Sulu’s cheeto-stained cheeks magically dissapears!