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PBS Teases More Carmen Sandiego With Suitably Vague Tumblr Post

On July 13th the PBS Tumblr posted this photo, of a recognizable red hat and black glove combination with the caption,

Where in the world did this come from? Stay tuned for something awesome!

It would appear that we have a mystery on out hands. However, the question today isn’t “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”, but where in time will we be getting what looks a lot like more of our favorite jet-setting villain. Children of the 90′s, start looking for clues!

(PBS Tumblr via Tipster Lexie)

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  • Kalynn Osburn

    On that note, who would you see as a live action Carmen Sandiago?

    Angelica Houston?
    Angelina Jolie?

  • eag46

    I’m sorry. It can’t be a proper Carmen Sandiego show without the Chief. Good luck filling Lynne Thigpen’s shoes.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    I like both of those. I also put forward Angie Harmon.

  • AverageDrafter

    Seriously, and if they can’t get Rock-a-pella they will just have to re-tool the show completely.

  • Erica Slade

    why the hell am i just now finding out PBS has a tumblr?

  • Kevin Dando

    (I work at PBS) One clue — this is not about new episodes, but will be appreciated by any #90skid. Stay tuned!

  • Sara

    omgomg I cant wait for whatever this is!!! Maybe now kids will freaking learn geography

  • Sara

    Im in the same boat.

  • Dave

    I’d hope they go for a Latina actress. Sofia Vergara or America Ferrara would be great for comedic take, while Paula Patton or Zoe Saldana (though she is also very funny) would be awesome for a more badass interpretation.

  • Brian

    They could get The Blanks.

  • Anonymous

    Two thoughts:
    1) Is Waldo the son of Carmen?
    2) I went over to the PBS webpage thinking that maybe there might be some sort of hunt for Carmen clues all over the site (like they did for the Lemony Snickett movie), but I didn’t find anything.

  • Laurie LeBlanc

    I think Cote de Pablo might work as Carmen too but those are interesting suggestions. I wonder what this clue is about though. Maybe they’ll be showing classic episodes or something of the game show(s).

  • MeatyStakes


  • Mark Brown

    The “where in the world” phrasing suggests that this relates to the live-action game show, rather than the animated series (“where on Earth”), but still:

    Chief; C5 us to PBS!

  • Shane Nokes

    I would love to see this, and Square One back on the air. I miss Mathnet. :(

  • Tana Siemaszko

    S.Epatha Merkerson can fill Lynne’s shoes, although Lynne is terribly missed, she was so amazing.

  • Tana Siemaszko

    Me too, I must now go and look at it,

  • eag46

    Okay I can see that…or when Warehouse 13 ends, CCH Pounder would work.

  • Mark Brown

    That explains how Carmen keeps stealing all that stuff; she’s a mad Warehouse agent!

  • Priscilla Belair

    loved that show .. would be so pleased if it would return even as an adult now , i would still watch because of the nostalgia

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Am I really just now seeing this? Also, the rights of the live action movie were purchased by Jennifer Lopez as I recall. It would be great for a spy/chase movie.