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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Paul McGann Crosses Fingers For A Last-Minute Invitation To The Doctor Who 50th

While British actor Paul McGann only got to play the Doctor on screen once, he’s continued the role of the 8th Doctor for several years in Big Finish audio dramas and has never lost affection for the sci-fi series. So wouldn’t it be nice, says this fan, if he appeared in the 50th anniversary special? 

We have confirmation 10th Doctor David Tennant is in, 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston is out, but we’re still shaky as of last week in regards to 6, 7, and 8. But McGann is of the mind that Eccleston’s no-show may be a good sign for him.

“I think Chris Eccleston is probably a big factor. He’s probably reluctant to get involved in anything that’s ongoing,” he told Express.

And while McGann hasn’t heard from anyone at the BBC about being involved in the anniversary episode, he’s not putting it past them to ask at the very last minute. He said, “They’ll call us on the Friday and say, ‘You’re starting on Monday.’”

While some of the other actors who played the Doctor have aged considerably since their time on the show, that doesn’t factor in for McGann. See, we never saw his regeneration into Eccleston so he could have aged naturally to look the way he does today. Though from all we’ve heard so far, it doesn’t look like Steven Moffat has a large-scale Doctor return in mind for the anniversary episode. I’ll still cross my fingers for McGann.

(via Express UK)

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  • Fortyseven

    It would be brilliant to bring him on — he never got a lot of screen time outside of the movie (and audio books), and it would introduce a really great, unexpected element. Damned shame if they miss out on this chance. :P

  • Anonymous

    The writers had a reasonable excuse as to why they didn’t mention or really show him during the 9th Doctor’s tenure (since they wanted to start fresh) but yeah. It’d be sad to see them completely exclude him from the fun when the actor sounds like he really wants to take part in it.

  • Whitney

    This would be the best thing ever. PLEASE make this happen. Eight is so underappreciated as a Doctor because the only screen time he had was the horrid TV movie (which he was great in), but he really, truly shined in the Big Finish audio dramas. Paul was a fantastic Doctor and I get really angry when people say that he hardly counts or that he was a waste of a regeneration.

  • Travis Fischer

    I really hope he does get in simply because this is the guy that ended the Time War. Seeing the latest batch of Doctors interact with him could be potentially amazing simply because Eight’s actions are the primary source of Nine’s neurosis, Ten’s god complex, and Eleven’s self-loathing.

    I wonder how they would react to their younger self, knowing what’s in store for him in the future and the things he will have to do.

  • Anonymous

    I still think Eight and Charley are one of my favorite Doc/companion pairings.

  • Kate Reynolds

    Yes, YES, YEEEEES.
    That is all I have to say.

  • Kate Reynolds

    Ditto!! I REALLY want to see more of 8 and his story ESPECIALLY since all points indicate that he was the one who fought in the freaking TIME WAR (from the gist I get he only regenerated to 9 near the end or after the War).

  • Jasae Bushae

    Through the audio books, 8th managed to become my favorite version of the doctor so this would be neato
    A shame that BBC forbid the 9th, 10th and so on from doing audios

  • Mr The Batman

    Did I miss something with that still,at the top? Is that a fan photoshop job or something?

  • Jill Pantozzi
  • Thomas Hayes

    As much as I agree with the sentiment – and I do like Paul McGann – based on how much of a fuck up Doctor Who is making with giving its big-name guest stars sod all to do this series, I doubt it would be worth it at this stage. They’ve already wasted Withnail, why let them waste I, too?

  • Anonymous

    A shame that BBC forbid the 9th, 10th and so on from doing audios

    Um, what? 10 & 11 have done a ton of audio books, just not for Big Finish.

    [I don't think Christopher Eccleston has done any, but I don't think that's because BBC forbade him from doing so.]

  • Jasae Bushae

    Really? I heard about BBC specifically saying no to big finish doing any of the new doctors and thought it meant audio book in general @_@ curses, now ill need to go do some searching XD

  • Sophie

    I’m wondering if I’m alone in this, but I’ve always kind of wanted a time war flashback with McGann. Even if it was just a little one to fill in some of the visual details. It’s still a plot point that I’m really curious about.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only heard the few that my library has, but the 10th Doctor ones are pretty great – David Tennant narrates in his ‘regular’ voice (*swoon*) and switches accents to do The Doctor speaking. And he does other voices distinctively as well.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not the only one hoping for the return of multiple Doctors beyond Tennant. What will be special about the 50th anniversary if we only see one other doctor from three years ago? How special can this special be?

    I worry that they haven’t asked 4-8 back because 9 said no.

  • Whitney

    It’s Eight new makeover for the latest audio dramas. I like it. Sort of bridges the gap a bit between Byronic gentleman and wounded solider.

  • Whitney

    Charley is a total boss. She and The Doctor are amazing together.

  • Anonymous

    Despite the fact that, as several Doctor Who references put it, “her continued existence posed a recurrent legal problem for the Doctor.”

  • Anonymous

    Big Finish has a license to do expanded universe stuff for the first eight Doctors, but the license does not cover any of the Doctors after Eight, and the BBC has declined to negotiate a new one with them that does.

    The actors have done audio dramas/audiobooks *for the BBC*, but Big Finish doesn’t have the rights to do so.

  • Anonymous

    And provides a rather natural segue such that you can readily see current-audiodrama-Eight turning into Nine when he regenerates.

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    McGann deserves acknowledgement. They have only shown him in quick cuts before. An actual scene in modern day would tie the old and new series together nicely.

  • Mr The Batman

    Thanks for the reply, Jill, much appreciated! :D

  • Mr The Batman

    Definitely, I can see Nine in there but I just don’t know about that hair.

  • Mr The Batman

    I like the look and, as packetdancer pointed out, it’s very Nine but that hair…not sure, then again the longer doo didn’t work for me either.

  • Alex B

    Yeah, the previous showrunners were so much better. Bring back farting aliens and bertie basset…. no wait…

  • Katie Miller

    (Seem to be logged in via a different account, this is the OP)
    I didn’t make any claims for the previous showrunner. But since you mention it, I’d sooner have Russel T. Davies’ good storytelling/patchy science fiction writing/silly humour over Moffat. It’s just a personal preference, but I prefer an engaging and coherent story even if it has some stupid stuff in it.

    After all, this is Doctor Who: if silliness annoys you, it might not be the show for you.

  • Alex B

    Every good showrunner (Hinchcliffe, Moffat etc) puts the humour, the silliness, into the character of the Doctor, he’s the comic relief that keeps the kids entertained. When the humour goes into the situation then the things the show is famous for, such as terrifying kids and clever plots, become impossible.
    If the story telling seems incoherent to you I might suggest that you’re not paying attention (the end of series 6 not withstanding) – but certainly compared to the RTD years, I couldn’t in any sense of the word describe an RTD script as coherent.

  • Bob Beezer


  • Pochy

    We’ll never have another Hinchcliffe, he really put it on the map. Although Moffat comes a close second he has a sort of division among doctor who fans. Sad, we need Douglas Adams to write for DW. We need some old series writers also.