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We Can Count Three More Doctors Out of Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary Special

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

So far David Tennant (and Matt Smith, obviously) are in, and Christopher Eccleston is out. Who else didn’t get the call?

That would be Six, Seven, and Eight, played by Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann. There’s been no official confirmation from the BBC that they won’t be involved. But given the special’s currently filming in England and the three actors are doing the con circuit in Australia… well, unless someone has a working TARDIS handy, it’s not happening.

Said Baker on the Australian talk show Mornings:

“They’re actually making it now. So the likelihood is, as we’re sitting here with you, that [we don’t be doing it.]… You can see why they’re not using [me], because I look nothing like what I looked like originally. So the viewers would be very confused.”

If you’re disappointed by the trio’s absence, so is McCoy, who said “All the fanbases all over the world believe [everyone should be involved], but not the producers at the BBC.”

Well, shucks. I would’ve liked to see as many cameos from old Doctors and companions as possible in the 50th. Would it be crowded? Would it be unwieldy and ridiculous and completely and utterly insane? Yes. But it’s the 50th anniversary! That only happens once. It should be fun and campy and ridiculous! Hell, zap everyone back to the ’60s and make it a musical. Give the Daleks a dance number.

Oh well. Six through Nine are a no, and the actors who played One through Three are dead. Four and Five aren’t looking likely at this point. At least you have the audio stories, classic Whovians.

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