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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Rogue, Kitty Pryde, and Iceman Returning For X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Oh, it is officially ON for X-Men: Days of Future Past

This film now has the potential to be the greatest X-Men film of all time. Let me explain.

The road to X-Men: Days of Future Past has been a winding one. When the title was first announced for the sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class, comic fans realized the potential of a really great story from the books coming to life on the big screen. It was a story that centered on Kitty Pryde, alternate timelines, and Sentinels from the Uncanny X-Men title in 1981. Sir Patrick Stewart seemingly confirmed the reprisal of his Professor Xavier role at a convention last September, leading many to believe we might see Stewart and his younger self, played by James McAvoy, face to face or at least shadowing each other. Then newly appointed Fox Creative Consultant and comic creator, Mark Millar, did an interview where he mentioned robots and time travel, leading us to believe the Sentinels will indeed play a part.

Vaughn had made public he would not be directing the sequel but producing it instead. This left the door wide open for previous X-Men film director Bryan Singer to stake his claim, which he did enthusiastically. Then Stewart told Entertainment Weekly he knew nothing about the project even though Singer had tweeted that both he and Sir Ian McKellen were on board (but we’re still assuming they’re in). Finally, Singer confirmed Hugh Jackman would be back as Wolverine even though he’s just finishing up The Wolverine, his second solo outing.

That brings us to this latest news.

That’s Rogue, Kitty Pryde, and Iceman back to help connect the two franchises and make Days of Future Past the story it’s meant to be. Odds are we’ll see more names being revealed soon, especially considering Stewart name-dropped Halle BerryFamke JanssenRebecca Romjin, and Paquin in his original talk. So far, January Jones, who played Emma Frost in First Class, is the only cast member to say she has not be contacted to return. McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, and Jennifer Lawrence (wrapping up Catching Fire at the moment), will all reprise their roles for the film set to open July of 2014.

While there may be some plot holes, I’m one of those viewers who would love for the bridge between the two franchises to be gapped and seeing all of these actors together on screen (whether in the same room or not) sounds really great to me.

(via /Film)

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  • Laura Ritzler

    This is super exciting!But I wasn’t aware that Rebecca Romjin was going by Stamos again…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Woops, that’s what I get for copy/pasting from my older post. Fixed!

  • Brittany N Harris

    I like that Kitty Pride and Iceman is coming back but I was hoping they would recast Rogue. Please Bryan Singer make her a stronger character then the first trilogy.

  • TKS

    Is it wrong that I’m a little sad that it’s Ellen Page is returning as Kitty? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy a good deal of Page’s performances, but I really didn’t like her Kitty, my favorite X-man.

  • Anonymous

    My feelings about this news are very mixed, to say the least. On one hand, my opinion on Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde are very much opposed to TKS and I’m very excited to see her play that part in a good film (would like Kelsey Grammer back as well). I’m also very excited about the possibilities of the Days of Future Past storyline.
    On the other hand, that’s an awful lot of characters for a franchise that tried many times to have many characters and failed every time. I assume many of those parts will be cameos but I’m afraid the movie won’t know what its center is.

  • Anonymous

    Berry desperately needs to return, and hopefully with Darwin and Angel. Because otherwise a film based on Comics’ Great Race Allegory is gonna be 80 to 90 percent white people. And First Class was problematic enough.

  • Anonymous

    First Class wouldn’t have bothered me so much had they not included Darwin and Angel only to kill the former and turn the latter into a filthy traitor.
    Because that’s not rife with unfortunate implications.

  • Anonymous

    This is really good news. I hope they can balance all these parts though. That’s a lot of balls in the air to juggle.

  • Anonymous

    That and the EXTREME CLOSE-UP on Darwin right after Shaw mentions slavery. Beyond tone-deaf.

  • Anonymous

    Will be a fucking Wolverine movie anyway.

  • Crystal Keys

    I always hated how they made Rouge seem so weak. It is like they wanted a Jubilee but wanted to use Rogue’s power. Rogue’s Character will never be complete until they show her as Mystique’s foster daughter and she almost kills Ms. Marvel. I hate how the movies miss opportunities to show some depth; lets not mention that Juggernaut and Prof. X are stepbrothers.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda seems like they’re trying to do what Star Trek did, and make the reboot part of the story with time travel shenanigans. Maybe see the characters from the first movies, like Rogue, Iceman and Kitty in the crap future. By the end everything will be undone and they’ll be free to recast everyone for the next one.

  • Magic Xylophone

    As excited as I am about prospect of Days of Future Past, I can’t help thinking that this kind of major reboot justified with time travel wouldn’t be necessary if Ratner hadn’t made such a fucking hash of the third film.

  • A B Adams

    Shouldn’t Bishop be a part of this story? Or was that just the 90s animated series (which didn’t feature Kitty at all)?

  • Rachel Smith

    Each piece of news from this new X-Men, gives me even more
    confidence that it will be an amazing film. I am beyond excited that Rogue,
    Kitty Pryde and Iceman will be returning, and I can’t wait to see how they will
    fit into this movie. It seems like this movie will really be able to accomplish
    the feat of tying everything together. To try to cope with the long wait for it
    to premiere, I have decided to refresh on the details using Blockbuster @Home
    from DISH. My late work schedule at DISH, makes it even better that all of my
    movies are delivered quickly in the mail. I also enjoy having the option of
    unlimited in store exchanges, for days when I forget to send back my movie. So
    much has happened in these movies, so watching them again will really help me
    remember how they got to this place in the franchise.

  • Daniel Sales

    Where’s the storm?