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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

The Best of CafePress’ New Official Hunger Games Merchandise Store

This is hands down our favorite piece of merch in the newly opened official CafePress story for Hunger Games merchandise. Our only problem? You can only get it on shirts and bags, but not as a poster. I have bare walls ready to cover in 50′s style propaganda based on post-apocalypic, dystopian young adult novels, your argument is invalid.

Oh, but there are other things we like too.

The staples are well covered, with this simple number, featuring Katniss’ trademark mockingjay pin and the motto of the Games,

And this comfy pyjama set featuring the quote “Winning means fame and fortune. Losing means certain death.” Like I said: comfy.

There’s even something for everyone who’s starting to get tired of answering “Team Peeta or Team Gale?”

But lets get to the more insidery references, like Rue’s lullaby:

My personal preferences towards geek clothing lean heavily towards the subtle and the obscure.

The kind that’s still aesthetically pleasing even if you aren’t in on the reference.

If I can get all that, and a clock that’ll teach me which districts are which, well, the more’s the better.

Oh, and there’s this parachuting croissant that cracks me up.

Have fun explaining that to non-fans.

You can visit The Hunger Games‘ official CafePress outlet here.


  • Carey Cauthen

    Cool, BUT: “heres some advise stay alive”???? Are they really putting something out with two typos in it? I thought this was official, not fan made? So here’s some advice to the marketers — here has an apostrophe, and advise does not equal advice.

  • Anna B

    Drunk? Thinking drunk?

  • HannahW

    TFLN, Haymitch style.

  • Anonymous

     Came here to say this.  It’s ridiculous.

  • AmyDamy

    The only thing that bothers me more then advice/advise switches are loose/lose. It makes my blood boil. 

  • Anna B

    Effect/Affect pretty much kills me even deader.

  • Anonymous

    It is all fan made, NOT official. And the person might be British, who knows?

  • mandatory

    Brits spell it ‘advice’ as well. Advice=/=advise no matter if it is British or American (Or Canadian or Australian) english.

  • Anonymous

     Brits also use apostrophes.

    I didn’t realize this was all Cafe Press junk.  It’s not official merch.  Look for it to be gone in a day or two.

  • Anonymous
  • Cynthia Burmester

    For years Word wanted me to say, “Please advice.” Instead of “Please advise.” I blatantly ignored Word’s grammar/spell check on a regular basis and called it silly and ignorant.

  • Cynthia Burmester

    They believed Word’s spell check. It has had them mixed up forever. It’s evil!!!!

  • Kalina Hill

    On cafe press (Where that shirt was made) The merchandise IS fan made.