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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Want to See the New TARDIS Interior?

A silly question, I know. But there are those who consider this sort of thing a spoiler, so it’ll go below the jump. Now… what picture to use at the top? Hmmmmm.

Yeah, it’s gonna be puppies. Big blue bin, big blue box, same difference, right? Those guys look pretty wibbly wobbly to me.

Click to embiggen.

(via everywhere.)

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  • Lindsay Beaton

    I’m meh on the interior, but…can we talk about his marvelous outfit? PLEASE let him keep the outfit after the Christmas episode. I’d like to see them (Doctor + Companion) traipse around in Victorian clothing for a bit, even if it is impractical for saving the universe. Don’t modernize the new girl right away. Make it work, Wardrobe!

  • Charlotte Pr

    Old school… it will take a while to get used to, but I kind of like it already.

  • Swazi Chick

    The new interior is okay…
    I think the pups are awesome though! The mom must be bigger on the inside too!

  • Anonymous

    This TARDIS seems very Fourth Doctor to me.

  • Jayne

    Okay….. I’m a little apprehensive, but when I realized its kinda is the same light pale blue as Idris dress… I warmed to it a little more.

  • Anonymous

    That is a freakin’ cute picture of puppies!

  • Brian

    I like it. Nice merging of the old school and the new.

  • Mandy Curtis

    There’s a Tumblr post going around that’s mashed up this photo with others that have been released. If you’re so inclined, I found it here:

  • Laura Truxillo

    Meh. I’m really tired of that “Sci-fi is teal blue” thing that’s been going on.

    If I’m being honest, about 30% of my problems with Serenity could be summed up with “This show is supposed to be BROWN; why is this movie BLUE like everything else?”

    The warm golds on the inside of the previous TARDIS made it…I dunno, homey. Inviting. It looked like an organic amazement.

    Ah well, change is the only constant of Doctor Who.

  • SarahAndrea Royce

    I found the Tardis interiour of the classic series always too machinelike to see it as a part of a living being. Since the movie they made it more organic and warm. Now its going back, and Moffat even said paraphrased: “It’s a _machine_ not magic”. Poor Doctors wife :-(

    Moffat tries very hard to ruin Doctor Who for me.

  • Anonymous

    Those blue circles remind me of the Fourth Doctor’s stained glass windows. I like the new console. It’s very retro.