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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And Fansplosions Abound

Always There To Defend: New Sailor Moon Anime To Debut In 2013

In 1992, the celebrated Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon anime debuted in Japan, capturing the hearts of thousands of young fans. The series would eventually explode across the globe, resulting in five major story arcs, stage musicals, live action series, and countless pieces of iconic merchandise (after all, who didn’t want their own sailor outfit?). We shared in the excitement of their battles and victories, we laughed at their antics, we sang that catchy theme song, and we definitely envied their cat. Now, twenty later, creator Naoko Takeuchi has announced that we don’t have to put away our plastic moon scepters just yet–the series will return with a new anime debuting in the summer of 2013.

On the morning of July 6th, Sailor Moon fans who tuned into Japan’s premier video sharing site, Nico Nico, for the 20th anniversary talk featuring pop band Momoiro Clover Z, were pleasantly surprised with the news that Takeuchi and Kodansha Comics already have a new series in the works. Kodansha editor Fumio Osano has confirmed that the new project will not be a film, but a serialized anime. They have yet to release any details beyond its existence, its format, and its debut timeframe, but longtime fans of the series have already begun to speculate that this new anime will be a reboot geared to both young, potential-moonies, and older fans.

The presence of Kotono Mitsuishi (voice actor of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon) and Toru Furuya (voice actor of Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask) at the anniversary event has certainly raised some eyebrows — will they reprise their roles in the upcoming series? The voice actor cast remains to be seen, but what we do know is that Momoiro Clover Z will provide the show’s theme song, it will be produced by Toei animation, which also animated the original series, and it will be distributed worldwide (!) after it runs its course in Japan, though I’m sure people will be subbing it and uploading it online much sooner than that.

I am totally pumped for this reboot, I just hope they maintain Haruka and Michiru’s relationship when the series finally makes its way over the the States. What are you hoping to see in the new Sailor Moon series?

(via MTV Geek News, Kodansha Comics, Anime News Network, and Toon Zone.)



  • Terence Ng

    …I think I just shit my pants.

  • Joshua Kaanaana

    I think I just shit my pants and my shirt. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s geared for the older fans (the ones who grew up watching it). “The new anime will more closely follow the manga and is intended for ORIGINAL fans of the series. Not kids.”

  • Anonymous

    I just want to see it.

    I came to the realization that this is starting the same time I’m going away for the Peace Corps.

  • Terence Ng


  • Bryonna Nobles-Stern

    I am just running around my house going “Oh My God!”  I’m so excited.  

    There’s so much I’m hoping for that I’m almost afraid to voice them because what if they don’t happen?  I’d really like to see more of the Silver Millennium and Neo Crystal Tokyo.  I’d really love for them to go more detailed into people’s backstories.  Not just gloss over them. I’d also like it to be more plot driven than Monster of the Day.  


  • Samantha Giacomini

    i hope to see chibiusa and helios again

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOD!!! I have to share the news!

  • StarlightFan800

    Yes, I want Seiya to stay the same too…not a male disguise. You don’t know, they may come back for a visit with Kakyuu ^^

  • StarlightFan800

    I really hope when it comes to America/Canada we get a subbed verison.

  • StarlightFan800

    I really hope when it comes to America/Canada we get a subbed verison.

  • Deceleration Waltz


    I am so psyched! I would love to see something that adheres more to the manga, and I love the anime version anyway! Hey, I know I keep saying this, but can we get a Sailor Moon or Sailor Mercury version of the Mary Sue logo soon? <3 Come one, it's the twentieth anniversary!

    PS: It's Kodansha. You have it spelled wrong in two places.

  • Deceleration Waltz


    I am so psyched! I would love to see something that adheres more to the manga, and I love the anime version anyway! Hey, I know I keep saying this, but can we get a Sailor Moon or Sailor Mercury version of the Mary Sue logo soon? <3 Come one, it's the twentieth anniversary!

    PS: It's Kodansha. You have it spelled wrong in two places.

  • Anonymous

     Uh, the manga was written for kids too…

  • Anonymous

    All I really want is no more censorship, original names, and hey, a non-DIC dub of the old anime over here would be nice!

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    So excited!! If they could achieve the youth + adult audience like MLP:FiM achieved, that’s my ideal. I was a big fan of the anime, a big fan of the live action series, and when the new series starts will have a 2-year-old daughter. Big hopes here!

  • tracy

    I am so freaking excited!!! My screen name I’ve had since 6th grade was for Sailor Moon and now after so long it’s going to be back on and closer to the manga:,) I cannot wait!!!

  • Lara Oliver Atchison

     Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with liking something geared towards kids (my obsession with Avatar, Adventure Time and Pixar movies are good examples). If it was geared towards adults, the toy advertisements in my old Japanese copies would seem incredibly inappropriate.

  • Anonymous

     Oh, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but I do get a bit annoyed when people insist a kids show is actually written for adults just because it isn’t Barney.

    Yes, the Sailor Moon manga featured suicide, genocide, homosexuality, and some bloody violence.  It was still running in a magazine geared towards young teen girls and the anime was marketed to the same audience.  It’s really our culture that has an issue with showing mature themes to children, though shows like Legend of Korra seem to be showing that attitude is ever slowly changing.

  • Terence Ng

    OMG, well get to see adult Princess Usagi SL Serenity!

  • Terence Ng

    Ooh! Or Sailor Uranus! Or Neptune!

  • Janiece Adonai

    so america will have to wait till about 2014 to see it……bummer…..but EXCITING…..ill be hitting up every japanese site just to get a look when it cpmes out

  • Anonymous

    omg! it’s really going to more closely follow manga? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jayne

    The first episode of Sailor Moon will be dealing with kicking Sailor Pluto out…

  • Sadie M

    Oh my God yes! I don’t want a dark mature anime, I want to be able to watch it with my little sister, but have it be my show, rather than me watching ML with her lol! 

  • Anonymous

    Or Sailor Cosmos… oh YES!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    Aww, fuck yea~~ ♥

  • Alise C.M.

    You’re too old for Sailor Moon, you’re too old for Sailor Moon, you’re too old for Sailor Moon, you’re too old for Sailor Moon, you’re too old for Sailor Moon, you’re too old for Sailor Moon, you’re too old for Sailor Moon…

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! New Sailor Moon! I feel like I’m nine again, eagerly awaiting four o’ clock, singing along with the theme song! I still have my doll, in her box, and my Luna P who was a jewelry box inside and had light-up eyes! (It’s not like they’re out on display or anything, I just couldn’t bear to give them away as an adult)

  • Rachael Klinger

    Not quite – in the first 1992 series, it was actually called Pretty SOLDIER Sailor Moon. (Bishoujo Senshi)  The “guardian” thing only came later, when the live action version was introduced in  2003.

  • Rachael Klinger

     Where does it say that?

  • Rachael Klinger

     Hmm, I actually liked the transgender aspect of the Starlights.

  • Nova

    It’s totally cool if it runs more in line with the manga, but I like the anime explanation for chibi usa better than the manga’s .

    In any case, I’M PSYCHED! I’ve been watching the old Dic dub with my five year old and I’m thrilled that she’ll get to have her own Sailor Moon for her generation.

  • Anonymous

    YES YES YES! And I just started reading the mangas!! I knew there was a reason why I was suddenly re-interested in Sailor Moon again. This was fate setting me up for the best surprise ever! Cannot WAIT to see the first stills! =D

  • Shania

    Ah…I used to have a plastic moon scepter (and Cardcaptor Sakura Tarot cards) back when they used to sell anime stuff at Toys-R-Us. *sigh* Those were the days….

  • Anonymous

    As long as its better then the pilot for the live action version, i’ll be happy.

  • Anonymous

    Thats okay. It only stiop being okay when you make everything into a sailor scout & run around talking about sailor scouts all day long, making memes about you liking a show for children, like that somehow makes you deep or something… Or as i’ve taken to calling it “the bronie effect”

  • Naisica Nai

    OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarthLocke4

    I hope it’s a continuation of some sort and not a reboot. I really liked the short story of “Parallel Sailor Moon” Universe featuring Usagi’s other daughter! I think it would be best to do alternate universe and introduce new characters that way the story can appeal to both new and older audiences easier. 

  • Sabrina

     It is a retelling of the mangas.

  • Amber Pantalena

    Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

  • Xandra Dust

    I am really excited for this! This used to be my favorite series when I was small, and to be honest, it’ll be nice to have more female super heroes around. The market around here reeks of testosterone. A female dominant action series is just what we need.

  • Anonymous

     Why aren’t they out on display? All of my old toys are. Great decoration. Don’t forget where you come from, especially if you genuinely love it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just hoping that America won’t fucKk up this dub. But they will. As bad as the “u-uwaa-uwaa-uwaa!” high pitched scream they made her do. I would personally hope that this is not a reboot. It would be like rebooting the star wars films, taking away everything that made the old ones classic.

  • DarthLocke4

    Where is that printed? –I think it would be boring to just redo it. I would much rather have any kind of continuation, or parallel universe then just voiding what is already there.

  • Rose Jones

    Ditto. It’s on my birthday wish list and I will keep knocking on Funimation’s door until they comply.

  • Terence Ng

    Except that’s not what being transgender is. The Lights changing genders was just a way to make Seiya’s same-sex attraction (and Usagi’s attraction) “acceptable” when they interact out of uniform. It was gender bending as an attempt at lesbian erasure, because Seiya needs to be “authentically” masculine and Usagi needs to maintain “authentically” feminine attraction. The way that Seiya interacts with Usagi in the anime is different when Seiya is a guy versus when Seiya is the female Sailor Starfighter.

    If the Lights were actually trans, then they would be assuming a single identity along whatever scale of gender queerness that was authentic to them, not shifting back and forth between one sex and another.

    At best, it could be considered an example of gender queerness, but even then, the gender bending has little to do with identity and more to do with the mechanics of their transformations. From a critical standpoint, though, I don’t buy it, and think it’s clearly an attempted workaround to circumvent the possibility of same-sex attraction in the female lead. Perhaps same-sex desire is acceptable for side characters like Uranus and Neptune, but the main heroine, Usagi, “cannot” transgress her heterosexuality in the male-female romance dynamic.

  • Terence Ng

    Or maybe actually releasing Stars? But given how I feel about the quality of the English dubs, even with Cloverway…maybe it’s best never being done.

    What’s really exciting is that when Sailor Moon was originally being dubbed, even through to SuperS, I think anime was being treated differently, allowed to be really smarmy and fast and loose with the script translating and rewriting.

    But now it’s a really big industry with a lot more at stake for being accurate and nailing the acting down in a way that jives with the original versions. Fans are more aware, and they know when something’s going off the rails.

    So I hope that if this new version gets dubbed, it won’t be chock full of weird American pop-culture references or random and erroneous one-off battle/henshin phrases. I think now, companies can trust in the viewership to accept the original source material in a way that they didn’t before.

  • Terence Ng

    “Hey, so….Why don’t you just, uh, stay at the Time Space Door and we’ll, uh…call…you…if we need something.”

    Though really, if Earth’s only moon and four asteroids get to be sailor senshi, but not any of the other hundreds of solar system moons and asteroids out there, then a dwarf planet definitely stays in rank.

  • Terence Ng

    Wait, what was the difference in their explanation of Chibi-usa? The anime establishes that she’s their daughter fromt eh future who goes to the past seeking their help, grows up a little, then returns to the past to train with them. That’s how the manga explained it, too. Was there something different?

  • Terence Ng

    Considering that they’re re-releasing the original manga and going to capitalize on it, and the current trend is to explore anime versions more faithful to the text, it would weird to have audiences read one thing and watch something completely different. The marketing strategy is always harmonization between the merchandise you’re trying to sell.

    A retelling that is closer to the source material doesn’t void the original divergent anime any more than FMA: Brotherhood voids the first adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • Terence Ng

    Personally, I think seeing the story in the manga actualized as an anime is interesting and wouldn’t cause new fans any trouble. For them it’s new regardless. For old fans, it’s a way to see what is essentially a very different story come to life. The first adaptation is its own story about Sailor Moon, but reboot is telling a story that older fans have known about in an equally meaningful medium, but never had a chance to see come to life, like the reality of Nehelania, Rei’s background with her father and her first love, Minako’s personality and identity and past adventures as Sailor V, more meaningful growth in the team from 14 year old girls to serious warriors, the growth of Chibiusa into a sailor senshi who leads her own team as the future Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi as a serious and mature team that eventually grows to an intergalactic scale, the seriousness of Galaxia’s conquest (instead of the goofiness of her television station and random phage Sailor Senshi), the idea of Chaos as an interconnected entity in the constant struggle of light and dark (from Metallia, Death Phantom, Pharao 90, Nehelania, and Chaos) and the role of Sailor Senshi in the eternal cosmic plan.

    I think all of those are really interesting concepts that will interest old fans and also draw in new fans. At least, I hope so.

  • Elle C

    my only question— what are they going to do about Pluto??

  • Elle C

    my only question— what are they going to do about Pluto??

  • Anonymous

    I agree about the silliness in both dubs, but I still think that Funimation will still manage to ruin it. I swear, if they cast Vic mignona as darian, I will shove a razor so far…..#€%¥£#%£#-:;)$&@%£!!! It’s like they are now playing musical chairs with casting.

  • Rebecca P.

    Well, I am super excited about this! I remember watching the dub Saturday mornings before school in the 90s and then buying the subtitled dub VHS tapes online. I still tons of merch from it including card sets, dolls and animation cels that I have just held onto because I loved the series so much.

    So, yeah, I don’t care that I’m 30. I’m watching the crap out of this.

  • Terence Ng

    Two words: Sailor. Quartet.

    Or four: Pink Ladies’ Freezing Kiss.

  • Alake M.

     Agree with your argument.  Just wanna say that they did do the same kind of censorship with Uranus and neptune by making them cousins.

  • Lacie Boone

    young people can like this to, I am 13 and started watching the Anime on Youtube when I was 9. and I was hooked! when I found a site that has the last season with english subtitles I was thrilled! I’m now reading the manga with the new translations (also codename Sailor V) Sailormoon is kinda like Pokemon, aimed for ALL AGES.   not just kids. not just teens. not just adults. I wonder if They will give Usagi/Serena a new Transformation, I hope They give Her the first transformation back! and make Chibiusa/Rini less bratty! XD

  • Nick Greeley

    Funmation has been trying to get the rights to re-dub the series for a LONG time, but Naoko Takeuchi ultimately holds that decision, and she does not approve of it being re-dubbed in any language. You’ll have to start knocking on her door haha!

  • Nick Greeley

    Funmation has been trying to get the rights to re-dub the series for a LONG time, but Naoko Takeuchi ultimately holds that decision, and she does not approve of it being re-dubbed in any language. You’ll have to start knocking on her door haha!

  • Usagi Tsukino

    I hope they stay truer to the manga, I really want there to be some Shintennou x Senshi action though, but I really don’t mind so long as funimation doesn’t get a hold of it- their original VAs have a soft spot in my heart and I’m really sick of hearing the same voices over and over- if sailor moon’s voice is high and squeaky monica rial’s or something I’m done with dubs for life. 

  • Rachel Maurizio

     I agree with you. It was said in an article I found that once this series is done in japan it’ll be distributed worldwide, meaning it will be dubbed. Since 4kids is currently in the process of bankruptcy and  DIC doesn’t exist (I think) Funimation will most likely get this series, and hopefully the ones before it. Funimation tends to have a lot of respect for the original and no problem sticking to the true script. From what I can tell, Haruka and Michiru wont be cousins, which is nice. Seiya may be back, but I kind of feel like this will be Rini/Chibi-usa’s time to shine. I haven’t found a single thing saying this series was going to be closer to the manga and I feel like maybe they’ll set this series in Crystal-Tokyo time (please please please) but no matter what they do with it it’ll be amazing and 4kids/DIC will have no part in the dub!!

  • Terence Ng

    Only in the English dub. They aren’t cousins in the original Japanese anime or the manga (and actually, aren’t cousins in the English releases of the manga).

    The erasure, to me, only happened with the original anime, though, as that was a decision by Toei when producing and scripting Stars.

  • Tammy Tourdot


  • Christian Magana

    The return of the Goddess 2013!

  • Rose Jones

    If I must, I must. As much as I cherish the memories of the DIC version and after school TOONAMI, we need a re-dub in English for two reasons:
    1. Vic Mignonga
    2. J. Michael Tatum

  • Rose Jones

    Crispin Freeman as Mamoru, I say. Vic Mignogna would be great as Zoicite.

  • Aleasha Sharman

    I’m soo excited i remember dropping everything as a kid to watch this :)!!!

  • PersephoneF

    Actually, if I recall correctly, Takeuchi was pissed that the Starlights changed genders in the anime as opposed to cross-dressing in the manga. I believe the defense was that she hadn’t completed the manga portion yet and they didn’t know how to go about explaining this and that. I think you’re looking waaay too much into it seeing as the whole reason they disguised themselves as men had NOTHING to do with identifying as a male and everything to do with hiding from Galaxia while trying to form a super-star singing group that would attract Kakyuu out of hiding.

  • PersephoneF

     I was under the impression it was a verbatim remake of the original 5 series…but a reboot in Crystal Tokyo would be AMAZING. Maybe the Shittenou would be revived and the inners could finally get their happy endings, too… As for Funimation, if they got the rights to dub I have no doubt the integrity of the storylines would remain intact. They do follow  pretty closely (Shin-chan aside, although I do love their take on it) so I’d be supportive if they got the rights.

  • PersephoneF


  • PersephoneF

     I think a retelling would be just as nice. The anime, while a classic that I will always love dearly, has dated itself horribly. This means an entirely new anime with the familiar story but updated music and elements. Even PGSM is starting to show its age.

  • PersephoneF

     Hee….that’s the beauty of subbing over dubbing ;)

  • Terence Ng

    Takeuchi was pretty clear on record that she was pissed that the Starlights were not supposed to “be” males who transformed into females, only appear male (much like Uranus did in the beginning of the Infinity arc) because she was adamant that only women could be Sailor Senshi. If what you say is true, I’ve never heard it, but I’ll take your word for it.

    Yet it still wouldn’t rectify the distinctions made in gendering Seiya’s actions depending on her physical sex. I completely view the decisions of the anime, which was always very sanitized compared to the manga, through the lens of erasure.

    In the manga, Usagi transgresses her regular male-female romanticism several times, most notably with her feelings for Haruka, Haruka kissing her, and the temptations posed by Michiru to Mamoru and Haruka to Usagi. There never seems to be an issue made about gender in those situations. It’s just clear that Usagi has feelings that exceed gender.

    But the anime is so explicit about when Usagi and Seiya have feelings for each other (when Seiya’s a guy) and when Usagi is being platonically loved (when Seiya’s a girl). Even when Usagi learns that Seiya is Starfighter, they never seem to engage in these complicated feelings they grapple with so casually while they’re civilians. Those feelings are never addressed in the same context or manner when they’re both women. Instead, as a woman, Seiya’s motivations are shunted into explicit desires to protect Usagi as a princess and savior, like the other senshi, despite how clearly “his” motivations are romantic as a man. Even Luna’s crush on Yaten is the same way. It’s quite interesting, and really, I can’t see any other reason for that divide in action and context. 

  • Johnson Long

    More VIDEO GAMES too, please.

  • Monika Jurczak

    OMG!! I`m so excited! I`m 26 and still like to watch Sailor Moon. The best series was Salior Moon Sailor Stars.I`m huge fan of Usagi and Seiya relationship. Hope we will see some of this in new series.I`m currently writing a book about them!! Just start two days ago and already got 30 pages, and I just can`t stop writing!

  • Midori Ortiz

    people ALREADY make everything into a sailor scout. otakus make anime memes and brag about their otaku-ness all the time! why is it so wrong when bronies do it? because its not anime? geez, i srsly dont get how otakus can judge bronies when were no different.

  • Midori Ortiz

    oh, boy, i cant wait! ive been wanting a new sailor moon anime for ages! i mean, imagine watching the transformations with all the new technology and effects we have now! and i also hope haruka and mmichiru’s relationship stays the same when it comes to america. i remember thinking they were girlfriends even when the show said they were cousins.

  • Glenn Reese

    WOW I cant believe it! What I hope thay do is show how they got to Crystal Tokyo and we also see how the Sailor Senshi fight the Negaverse in CT. The first major story should obviously be Sailor Pluto no longer being a Senshi bc pluto isn’t a planet anymore. They could have the new monsters from different times and ages escape through the now unguarded Time Gate. They can also be episodes that deal with the real life issues going on today. For example: cyberbullying, teen pregnancy,same sex marriage,terrorism(even though technically the Negaverse trying to destroy the world would count as that) Coming to acceptance with one’s own sexual orientation–we can see more yuri undertones between the Senshi–especially between Ami and Makoto.

  • Anonymous

    easy. Otaku is varied, an old (pre tumblr). Brony memes are prolific & all encompassing. There is no place that is safe from its slimy claws.

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah i cant wait for the new sailor moon series comes out i just cant wait i am a huge fan of sailor moon i just hope that usagi (sailor moon) and mamoru (tuxedo mask) get married any time soon now their is something i would love to see.

  • Kaitlyn Fenn

     AAAH!!! I’m going to be able to relive my childhood!!! <3 I remember when I was little, i grew my hair almost to my ankles (i always had long hair), and I tied it up in a ribbon, and ran around my school yelling "Venus love chain encircle!!" XD This calls for some new fanart!

  • Desirae Stevens

    NO WAY!!!

  • Desirae Stevens


  • Desirae Stevens

    HARUKA AND MICHIRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -i think i just died X.X – i hope they keep the couple going!!!!! T^T. WHO AGREES?

  • Taylor Davis

    so excited!! i watched it growing up and i still love it. I will love Sailor Moon in any way it comes back! Definitely wanna see more Darien and Serena! lol

  • Yumi Hasegawa


  • Lacey Wilson

    I already had plans to be in Japan at around this time next year, so I have a feeling I’m going to be camping out in Akihabara at whatever time it happens to be on TV. Also, SAILOR SWAG! I thought my trip to Pokemon Center Tokyo was going to be expensive, but I’ll just have to allot more money for this I suppose. X3

  • Kenny Hamilton


  • Julia Adams

    And don’t forget the transgender transformations in the very last chapter of the series.

  • Julia Adams

    I absolutely LOVE Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. I loved it when I was a kid, I loved it when I re-read all of the manga last year, and I will love it still when the new anime comes out. 

  • leonid saykin

    the dubbed version of original suffer a little bit, but now maybe it will be okay. I am sure the subbed version will be great hopefully.

  • lil_jenni

    what does it mean new anime?? i mean i love Sailor Moon i’m like 15

  • Rustytongue Willowee

    I am very excited for the return of my favorite anime of all time sailormoon ,, i like all the stories the essence but i want that in the new comeback of sailormoon and the sailorsoldiers i hope that they will have more powers and more exciting powers to discover and what to be expected in the same gender issues or love interests… im so excited :-)

  • Bryan Smith

    It’s like I can hear the squee of a squillion teenaged lesbians.

  • David Clarke

    These guys talked about it and were hillarious!

  • Katarzyna Kubacka-Monczak

    GREAT, I hope that our they will present OUR Senshi not a bunch of other charakters base on SM…

  • Dean Celia

    Wow, really excited about it!

  • Anonymous

    Preferably by Funimation. After FMA and Host Club, I was hooked on them forever.

  • Anonymous

    Allow me to add:

    3. Laura Bailey
    4. Jerry Jewel

  • Matilda Höfling

    I would love to see sailor cosmos in action and also amazon quartet, as sailor soldiers placed together with chibi moon.

    It would have been wonderful if there was a Swedish dub in the future.

    Did you know that in Sweden, Zoisites voice were changed in to a womans, (I was a bit surprised when I, a few years later, saw the original.), And when Sailor Uranus and Neptune showed up with their “special” relationship, they stopped sending the series completely. :(
    Hope it gets better now, we are, after all, living on the 2000s.And … otherwise I can, thankfully, English so that I can, at least, watch the Japanese vesionen with English sub.

    (No offense, but the ?American? Dub has probably had the worst dub voices my ears have ever heard. So That isa a big No No for me.) XS

  • Matilda Höfling

    would it not be cool if they showed sailor V’s history too? It’s still where it started.

    Would have been cool if they drove her paralellt with Sailor moon in the series, after which certain things happen during the same period of time before they meet.

  • Bumble

    I am super excited for this new Sailor Moon series, don’t get me wrong. But aren’t any of you worried that it will become one of those fads that people overuse? That’s probably my only concern. But when it comes to the States, I hope Terry Hawkes does Serena’s voice again because she was the best voice actress for her.

  • Bumble

    In the manga during the storyline where we meet the Outer Scouts, Haruka was both a man and a woman. Usually a human man and a woman Sailor Scout. But at times, Haruka was a human female.

  • Bumble

    Oooh. Or maybe, the only reason Pluto was declassified was because she died.

  • Shin Ae Chan

    Is this real? Or is someone being mean and making things up? I have been watching this show since it came out! Please don’t play around with me lol….

  • TheLuckyShadow

    Personally, while I like the Sailor Moon series, I find it’s creator detestable for the whole “Senshi have to be female” thing, I find it offensive and sexist. This is actually quite similar to how I felt about another anime, Dragonball Z where there weren’t any strong female warriors. I guess I just find sexism in general quite offensive, more so than most other types of discrimination (although I detest all forms of prejudice). I was quite dissapointed in Takeuchi when I found this out and it actually spoiled the show for me a little bit. :(
    But I still love the series! XD Can’t wait for a reboot!

  • Terence Ng

    I’m not sure why you find a mythos where only women are a specific kind of magical warrior to be offensive and sexist. I’m also not sure how that compares with Dragon Ball Z, since Dragon Ball Z is just about a bunch of different fighters, which provides for the opportunity to have strong female fighters but chooses not to, whereas Sailor Moon states that women are Sailor Senshi, but still provides for strong male characters (such as Prince Endymion being the Guardian of Earth) in the mythos (though it’s also interesting, because despite Takeuchi’s statement, Endymion has a crystal, is a planetary guardian, and has powers).

  • Christina Banks

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see where the story goes. I thought “Eternal Sailor Moon” was Usagi’s ultimate form besides being either the Moon Princess or Neo Queen Serenity. I wonder if they will take the story into the future with Chibiusa taking over where her mother left off…along with the other Sailor Scouts. Hopefully, the Outter Senshi would stop being so secretive towards the Inner Senshi…and learn to work together. What about the Amazon Quartet turning into Sailor Senshi, and all the other Senshi gaining their “Eternal” powers? Also, they can throw some spice into Mamoru’s character by showing how Sailor Pluto really felt about him. LOL for saying Sailor Pluto gets kicked out LOL!!! OH yea…AND OF COURSE…BRING BACK THE SAILOR STARLIGHTS!!!!!! Their characters were too cool not to bring back. Whatever they do I hope they don’t sell us the short end of the stick by killing the show with unnecessary editing. If so I will just watch the English subtitles.

  • Philip ‘Yuna’ Wester

    I doubt it. People died in every other chapter in the manga. It was very gruesome and bloody. It also dealt with more mature issues. The manga was geared towards teenagers.

  • Susan Ridgway

    Actually, the original manga was geared towards teenagers more than kids.

  • Makochan

    Is it just me, or am I the only one upset about this being a potential reboot? I didn’t even like how they never ended with the Stars arc, and now they may redo the whole series? I have an idea, why not pick up from where they left off in the last arc, and try tying the whole thing in with the actual series. Anyone else notice that nothing in the final season made any sense, or connection with anything previous?

  • JessieofSpades

    I love how everyone is debating on if it’s going to be the same or not as the original. I quite honestly, hope it is. However, I’m happy it’s coming back. ‘Nuff said :D

  • Anonymous

    A character got impaled in the original Anime. I’m pretty sure we all know there’s going to be violence.

  • Lucy Jane Percival

    sailor sneshi dont have to be female. mamoru is supposed to be the senshi of earth.

  • Matt

    I’m from Poland- Europe. I love Sailor Moon! I’ve wathced mthis when I was a kid, now I’m 25 y.o. can’t wait to see new stuff! I lllloooove it!

  • CoyateRVA

    Funamation tends to have a lot of respect because of their own origins being tied to Toei itself. So as a personal & business decision they want to make it as accurate as possible but also fit it toward the audience its gear toward. I honestly would love to see J. Micheal Tatum as Tuxedo Mask,but I also want to see a lot of new comers and Unknowns into some of the roles to. Speaking form some personal experience’s Their are lots of talented unknown voice actors who I have met and can say without a doubt that some of them can fit Sailor Moon herself to a tea, and while some of them are the worst people I’d ever came across, some of them are just the nicest group of people I have ever met and totally deserve a chance.

  • CoyateRVA

    oh goodness they made a pilot for that thing? (if its the one i;m thinking about, the saban one)

  • CoyateRVA

    J. Micheal Tatum as Tuxedo Mask? then YES! However I’d like to see new comers get the roles.

  • James Cook

    King of Earth and Usagi Queen of the moon….

  • said g

    i hope this remake does more better than the original anime from 1992 & possibly a lot better than the live action series!

  • kratos

    for me. maybe the chaos that has been spat out of galaxia would form its new body and even galaxia could not defeat it or die in the process and she will give the last of her powers to the sailor seshi in order to improve their suits and powers and it the organization name i wish would be DARK SIDERS .collecting star seed for chaos itself

  • Miranda Lee Thompson

    What my theory to the 2013 release is that they will completely alter Sailor Moon with new actors/actresses, and re-design the uniform, and change Serena/Usagi/Bunny’s looks, make her look older since she was 16 in the Japanese and English series. Usagi might come back totally different than what I grew up to, I would despise the creator if she/he changed the entire thing. I agree that Michiru and Haruka’s relationship should be kept because since it will be 2013, there will be more LGBT marriages, relationships than ever known and I think there would be a lot of praise to keeping their relationship because they were so perfect together, the epitome of true love. The creator might even throw in a few new characters to spice the new Sailor Moon up. Remember how in the Japanese series there was Chibi Chibi? She was never in the Dubbed series before, so just knowing that there was a new character at all threw me off. I also hope they keep Serena/Usagi’s kid in there but then again, her kid was half her age in both series’ so I think we won’t be seeing Serena/Usagi’s child in this new release. Also, there might be new bosses and monsters considering that made up Sailor Moon or the creator could just make it where we see Serena/Usagi after Episode 200 living her life normally, married to Darian/Mamoru and possibly pregnant with her future child. The possiblities are endless when thinking that Sailor Moon is coming back.

  • henrietta

    Well, strictly speaking, it’s not actually a ‘reboot’. The story will be different from the original anime series, as it will be based on the manga storyline – which is the actual ‘canon’ version of Sailor Moon. The original anime series have elements in it that even the original creator of the series, Takeuchi Naoko, despised as it didn’t follow the story she had written (which, to my taste, ended with brilliant ending). So, yes, it’s no wonder the anime ending didn’t make sense.

  • Alondra

    Are they going to English dub the new series and if they are , are they going to dub sailor stars as well ?

  • hannah snow

    i hope some how just maybe they bring the starlights back! gottas love Seiya!

  • Gretchen Enid Ten Rosario

    I’m brony and otaku….o.o

  • tori

    I cant wait I love Sailor Moon I hope it comes to the states in english soon after the release! I’m sad that the Star’s season didn’t make it in English, but at least it had Sub’s. I hope this one comes out in English so bad and soon after the release there so much unfinished business! I wanna see there wedding and Crystal Tokyo form!

  • Mandi Donga

    I would love to see Sailor Moon’s wedding :) I know that some of it will probably have to be censored out because of little kids. But in the US could they please release two versions? One version specifically geared towards little kids and a completely separate version (which is almost identical to the Japanese version with the exception of being in English) geared for the older fans?

  • guppygoddess

    Is it summer yet? :)

  • lexxyjade

    I’m glad that it’s geared towards the older fans that are now teenagers and young adults. Sailor Moon doesn’t need to change; and it would be great to draw new fans into the Sailor Moon world. I’ll be looking forward to watching it, (as I’m watching all the oldies on YouTube :D). I am expecting them to keep homosexuality and violence in it because it told the story, and it is nice to not just focus on male/female relationships. Everyone should be accepted, and that’s what Sailor Moon did in the Japan version.

  • Airen M Stringer

    I’m hoping to see it go a little beyond the end of the last movie. I never saw any episodes beyond the defeat of the Doom Phantom–I’ve always wanted to–but I know that in the very last move she stops fighting. I’d actually like to see a new epic where Serena and the others are adults, before the 1000-year freeze.

  • Ivana

    Yeaah but what do the serie teach us? Everyone is importand and we fight til the end and frendship and love is the most important thing in tje whole word, some people are so stupid. And what is the problem with homosexuality? U think it will teach our children to be gay? No. If ure gay, youre born with it. U can’t “blame” a manga serie for that. Noone can.

  • Ivana

    Me toooo!!!’

  • Anonymous

    I may be misinterpreting your post, but I didn’t suggest that homosexuality was bad and frankly it still bothers me that we can’t show gay characters at all in entertainment for children in the US. Now, I really hope that the twenty years of progress since the English dub was made might have an impact and maybe if there is another pass at the show in English that these characters are left alone. None of the manga releases have censored these out, so there’s always a chance.

  • Lex

    Naoko Takeuchi (the creator and writer of the
    manga) was seriously angered by the changes made in the anime by TOEI
    Animation. Specially the changes made in Sailor Stars.

    She cut off all relationships with TOEI Animation which
    then caused them to lose to rights to sailor moon. This is why the old
    series can no longer be air’ed on TV in any country ever again.

    to this DIC lost the ability to renew its license before they had a
    chance to dub Sailor Stars (hence why no official dub exists).

    fans have BEGGED her to change her mind and at let the old series
    allowed to be rerun on TV Networks and allow new dubbing. But she stick
    to her decision and sailor moon by TOEI will never be on TV ever again
    or dubbed fully and officially.

    new Sailor Moon series is Naoko Takeuchi teaming up with a new
    animation studio to redo the anime closer to the original material. Her
    way or the highway I guess.

    So the new series (from what I know) will be a Sailor Moon reboot that follows closer to the Manga than the TOEI produced anime.

    I am kinda worried as the Manga is amazing but would not fit well as an anime at all. IMO.

  • samantha

    Actually according to Takeuchi Haruka was never a man. She has always been and will always be a female

  • Susanne Eby

    It was not written for children. In Naoko Takeuchi’s words…she meant it for teenagers and up. It was the ANIME that geared it for younger preteens. The original manga was for adults and I’m pretty sure the hint at the end of the series of Mamoru and Usagi sleeping together is not for children, even if it is Japan. Manga for adults. Anime toned it down. Americans toned it down even further. And I’m also sure a pole through the princess’s guts and all that sprayed blood was not for children. Anime totally changed that scene. Manga=original. Anime=preteens. America=babies

  • Anonymous

    Nakayoshi’s readership is girls between the ages of 9-15. Sailor Moon ran in Nakayoshi. Hate to break it to you, but that’s largely children in that age group.

    I get really tired of people who don’t wanted to admit they read/watched a manga/show aimed at kids and try to pretend it was “really” meant for adults.

  • Anonymous

    I think the poster is falling into the common trap of Haruka being described as “The Soldier of both genders” literally, as opposed to describing her personality.

  • Imani Kirkman

    I’m excited about sailor moon 2013. I used to watch it when I was little. I mean who didn’t want to be a sailor scout when they were young.I hope it comes to states quick

  • Darien Shields

    You really have no clue at the large number of people including myself who want Terri Hawkes back. -_-

  • Jimi Best

    Haruka wasn’t the transgender transformations, Google Sailor Starlights. They were a boyband who turned into girls in bikini tops and leather hotpants.

  • Amanda

    omg! I cant wait!! I have watched this amazing series on television since I was little!! I’m 19 now and just re-watched the entire show! Im glad that they have decided to bring it all back!! I am so excited to watch it again! <3

  • Steph Sjoberg

    In the Manga they were just women pretending to be men, in the anime they were guys who turned into women? It got very confusing though, but I know they were actually women in the Manga.

  • Steph Sjoberg

    In DBZ they had plenty of strong female characters!! Bulma had strength in commanding attention and her brain was so advanced that none of the men could match her! ChiChi was a fighter until she became a mother, and then we have Android 18! A cyborg who broke Vegeta’s arm and pride in one fell kick. Not to mention Launch in DragonBall. Your argument is invalid on this respect, and really in Sailor Moon yes only women could be Senshi, but we had Tuxido Mask to fill the man role, and plenty of magical powerful male roles including the Dark Moon men etc.

  • Steph Sjoberg

    Your comments on here are awesome! And I agree, they did the Dragon Ball Kai and took it much more seriously even though I think DBZ was great as it was. I think they’ll take this just as serious as they did with Kai, and do a much better job. Although I can’t imagine the dubbing coming anywhere near as close to the brilliant voice acting of Mitsuishi Kotono and I really hope she does reprise her role.

  • Anonymous

    I hope so too! :D

  • Shannon Lawrence

    I watched the english anime growing up and loved it. I had to buy the japanese version and realized stuff was cut from the english, so the Japanese version helped me understand some stuff that was missed. I never read the manga or anything else. Can someone inform me where I can purchase the manga in the US? Also did Sailor Moon have more anime after Sailor STars? I am a little confused with some stuff I found on youtube regarding Sailor Moon and the news about Sailor Moon 2013. DId Serena discover she had a sister? Is Sailor Moon sacrafice part of the manga, anime both?

  • trvecilla

    i hope they put some male sailor scouts in there. instead of having all the gender confusion towards the later story arcs. I dug the lesbian scene with uranus and neptune. maybe some gay guys as salor scouts since there was an abundance of gay females. Its just hard to believe there is not one male who protects the planetssss!!

  • Anonymous

    So is this a true reboot or some Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return kinda thing?

  • Tegan

    Noo, Sailor Uranus was a woman as a regular person and a sailor senshi…