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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Casting Call For A New Geek Reality Show…From The Creators Of The Jersey Shore

Television has tried to capitalize on nerds before. Beauty & the Geek, Freaks and Geeks and Geek Love just to name a few. Well now television wants to make a few good geek stars with a new reality show, Fandom Rising. Did I mention the creators of The Jersey Shore are putting it together? What could possibly go wrong… 

Fandom Rising wants to take “8 strangers on a mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new lifestyles and relationships, to boldly go where no fanboy or fangirl has gone before.” Here’s what they’re looking for exactly:

Doron Ofir Casting and 495 Productions is proud to launch the search for the most passionately obsessed, proudly self-identified pop culture fanatics from the worlds of comics, graphic novels, sci-fi, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. If you are a guy or girl and get all the references in “The Big Bang Theory,” can quote the Original Trilogy, can spot a Cylon among us, wish you could’ve attended Hogwarts, Starfleet Academy, or Xavier’s School for the Gifted, join the horde, and revere masters of science fiction and fantasy we want you!!!. We’re looking for those who value brains over brawn, substance over status quo, and march to the beat of their own cantina band.

You are officially being summoned for an experimental documentary series that takes a deeper look at the lives and relationships of people who love fantasy, fiction, cosplay, comics, gaming and science.

You may live on “an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of the universe,” within a wrinkle in time, playing out a game of thrones and living within the romance of love with the undead, but you make the most out of it. Your life is filled with the exquisite, the extraordinary, the exceptional… whether you’re ridiculed or respected for it, your time has come. Join the Fandom Rising.

On the outside it seems like something that I’d actually love to try out for. They seems to be saying all the right things and looking for kindred spirits. But well, it’s The Jersey Shore creators and will presumably be airing on MTV which puts up big red flags in my book. No one on any of their reality show ever comes off well and I’d hate to see my fellow geeks (even possibly people I know) be portrayed badly.

I could be wrong though, this could turn out to show geeks as actual people who live, love and work just like everyone else. Applicants are asked to fill out a series of questions and then create an audition tape. If you’re interested, they are casting now.

(via Reality Wanted)

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  • Alyssa Norton

    No just no no no. I mean I don’t watch reality shows like that already and this would not make me start. 

  • Francesca M


    I’m going to just go and watch the hobbit trailer again and pretend this kind of thing isn’t going to happen.

  • Anna B

    Absolutely no. They don’t know the first thing. Like we’d hand our geeky selves to MTV for them to make fun of us.

    What’s almost as bad is the possibility that they’ll get a stupid bunch of good looking, nothing-but-sarcastic hipsters.

  • Corina Dee

    Interestingly, I don’t think I’d be considered nerdy enough to be a part of a reality television show targeted at nerds. I mean, I only meet one quarter of the stereotypes normally laid on nerdy-types! I mean, I rock out with glasses and pasty white skin, I play video games far too often, and I re-read Harry Potter once or twice a year… But I’ve never been one to memorize quotes on purpose (though some do stick) or attend conventions (seriously, why is everything not in Montreal/expensive as gold balls?).

    I’m intrigued and I’ll certainly tune in, if only to see how they treat the participants.

  • TDF Pamela

    I’m very suspicious that this would end up as less of a show about real geeks and more of a deliberately-edited joke.  ”Look at the nerds!  Aren’t they weird?  They dress up in Star Trek uniforms!  Let’s point and laugh!”

    I would love a show about geeks that portrays them honestly, but the fact that this is produced by the Jersey Shore people sets off serious alarm bells. :

  • Esther McLauchlan

    I have said it before and will say it again – “reality TV” is our era’s bread and circuses and as far as I am concerned holds the same symbolism as it did in ancient Rome…..

  • Michaela Gordon

    I’d watch it. Why not?

  • Anonymous

    This will be billed as a reality show, and will actually be produced like a daytime talk show: “bring them in a limo & send them home in a taxi!” They will lie to the participants, set them up, ridicule them, and then  toss them out the door when they are done. MARK MY WORDS!

  • Frodo Baggins

    Seems like it intends to fit the original definition of “geek show” pretty closely.

  • Life Lessons

    I so want to do this. :) 

  • Willow

    My cousin was on BatG and based on his experience I feel that “geek” shows like this have a definition of the term that is far too narrow to be entertaining. 

  • Dr. NerdLove

    I ended up having a brief conversation with the casting director via Twitter after talking about this online. Nothing the man said has changed my opinion that this is going to be “Look at the freak show!” sort of experience. 

    Todd Allen had an excellent analysis of the casting call over at the Comics Beat:

  • Heather Harris

    I’m willing to reserve judgment until I actually see the result. Like you said, it does seem to be saying all the right things, and IF it’s anything like that casting call makes it sound, it could actually be pretty cool. Yeah, it’s the people who made Jersey Shore, but think about how many writers, directors, producers, and actors have made some utter, utter crap, then gone on to make things that are great.