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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Monday Cute: Tiny Round Frog Makes Peeping Sounds

What the indomitable Namaqua Rain Frog couldn’t seem to realize was that his mighty and agressive roars were having the exact opposite of the effect he intended.

(via HyperVocal.)


  • Betty Windsor

    I played this video last night, and my cat (who is never around other animals) ran into the room looking extremely wary and agitated at me. I think he believed the frog to be a kitten.True story.

  • Karen Chan

    OMG, a real, live squeaky toy!

  • Captain ZADL

    What if it’s not a warning? What if he’s trying to find love?

  • Joanna

    It does sound like a newborn kitten =o

  • Kay Livingston

    My cat did the exact same thing just now.

  • Anonymous

    My dog did the same thing! He was sitting right next to me and he looked up confused and alarmed and then began looking for the source of the noise. Supremely cute. He normally doesn’t respond to animal videos either…

  • Anonymous

    That looks and sounds like one of my dogs’ squeaky toys.