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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Hey Castle Fans: This is Molly Quinn Dressed as Mal Reynolds

Molly Quinn, in case you were wondering, plays Nathan Fillion’s TV daughter on ABC‘s Castle, which has not shirked from making references to Firefly before, and since Quinn is a fan of Firefly who also likes to dress up for Comic Con… well. It had to be done. Video below of how the idea came about.

and, of course, her incharacter introduction at the Castle cast panel.

(via Wired.)

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  • louisville chiropractic

    Fantastic and funny i like the leather jacket.

  • Bill Hedrick

    I had wrongly accused her of going to the Castle Wardrobe dept and having them throw it together, props to her for doing the work of assemblying it!

  • Andrea Genevieve Wickstrom

    She has officially joined Felicia Day in my favorite actresses list. Not only is she a browncoat, but she watches anime too ^_^ fantastic!

  • Nick Gaston

    Coming this fall on Firefly: The Next Generation!

  • Kevin Wells

    Doesn’t hurt that she is also gorgeous.

  • Kevin Wells

    If Mal and Saphrin had a daughter…

  • Rosalind Casey

    Holy crap, you’re right.

    There’s a thought that’s going to haunt me all next season of Castle. Actually, you know, I think I’d have a lot more patience for the character if I thought she had a nefarious secret agenda. 

  • Maiasaura

    If only….

  • pm

    She should be playing Clary in Mortal Instruments!  I know she is doing the voice for the newest audio book.

  • Jean

    Alexis Castle is such a Mary Sue she should marry Ensign Crusher already.

  • Timothy Cook

    like TV dad like TV daughter

  • Kyle DeLorenzo

    If firefly ever comes back on the air, molly should definatly be mals long lost daughter