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Allow us to explain.

There And Back Again

The Hobbit’s Misty Mountains, Acappella, By One Man [VIDEO]

Peter Hollens, who we’ve previously seen collaborating with violinist Lindsey Stirling, is here now by himself (technically) to sing The Misty Mountain song from The Hobbit. I say technically because this is one of those videos where one very talented person puts themselves on every track to create a particular song. The only thing lacking is a fake beard.

(via Kotaku)

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  • Shoshana B

    I nominate Peter Hollens to do All The Songs.

    Seriously, have you heard his “Can’t Stop Me Now”? Fantastic. And with a silly mustache.

  • Anonymous

    That’s amazing. However, I keep wondering when the “metal” version of this song will come out. It seems like metal has a long history with Tolkien, and the genre would be remiss in not doing a cover of this song.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! I don’t do iTunes, but I’m hoping the track ends up on Amazon like some of his other work. (Ditto the version with Jung Sun Ahn on violin.)

  • Katie Frederick

    There is one guy who did a cover of “The Hobbit meets Metal” that I quite like. Not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind.

  • Anonymous

    It’s awesome. On an unrelated note, at some point I noticed he kind of resembles a younger Peter O’Toole. Cue mental image of Lawrence of Arabia singing in Middle Earth.

  • Emerald White

    Holy sex eyes.

  • SutereusuRyu

    Is there any way that you could post the lyrics that were used?

  • Jill Pantozzi
  • Adam Lonergan

    There’s also a band called Rivendell which does metal covers of Tolkien songs. I like their version of Gil-Galad myself.