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Our Adorable Past

Michael Fassbender Still Owns His Old Star Wars Toys From When He Was A Kid

Michael Fassbender will soon be appearing in the Ridley Scott sci-fi epic Prometheus but perhaps he only took the role because it was the next best thing to another beloved space franchise. You see, the actor loves Star Wars, he had tons of Star Wars toys growing up, and he still has them. 

Prometheus may or may not be an Alien prequel but who are we all kidding? It is. So it’s fun to hear that Fassbender is a fan of continuing sci-fi material.

Star Wars was really the only sci-fi sort of fascination I had as a youngster. I collected and I’ve still got the AT-AT and the Millennium Falcon and the Ewok village,” Fassbender told Absolute Radio. “I suppose they are worth a bit of money. I sort of passed them on I think, and also I took them out of their box.”

Yes! He’s in the “take your toys out of the box and actually play with them” crowd. This makes me happy.

Fassbender went on to describe the Ewok village set to them, just in case there was any question of his sincerity. “It’s kind of like three trees, or four perhaps, they’re sort of joined together with the platform bit. It’s quite cool, you can go into the trunk of one and come out the other, and there’s a little sort of wind up trap net thing where you can sort of reel somebody up,” he said.

It seems being a fan of something like Star Wars helped him to understand the seriousness of taking on the role of someone like Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

“There’s always a pressure. I sort of had that with X-Men anyway. You know you’ve got a very large vocal passionate fan base, and you want to do them proud,” he said. But you take that on board and then you kind of have to dismiss it. Because you want to make choices that are bold and definite, and if you’re worried about what other people are going to think other than your director, then the character will be neither here nor there.”

And I think we can all agree, we’re glad he did. Prometheus hits theaters June 1. Now someone give Fassbender a role on Clone Wars or something.

(via Monsters and Critics)

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh Fassbender shared my childhood! I played with that Ewok village!! My aunt got really into hunting down rare Star Wars toys for my cousin, my sister and I. And we always took them out of the box, because that’s how it’s done. 

  • Anonymous

    “You see, the actor loves Star Wars, he had tons of Star Wars toys growing up, and he still has them.”

    Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen.

    Calling back to the “Fake Geek” piece from some time back, this is the kind of thing that I think of when I hear the term.  It’s the kind of thing people feel obligated to say in interviews (Likely under recommendation from some media consultant) to make the actor/celebrity seem more like “One of us” and thus make the geek demographic more accepting of them, and their project.

    It’s not necessary.  You ever hear Ian McKellen going on about his X-men collection?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Is it necessary? Of course not. Are some actors encouraged to say they like Star Wars etc? Sure. 

    But really? Fassbender actually talked about the Ewok village in DETAIL. Why would you assume he was faking? Maybe McKellen never talked about his X-Men collection because he doesnt’ have one. Not all actors are acting all the time.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t assume he was faking, I just noted that comments like these are de regieur for interviews now.  I have no reason to doubt he had them, but it’s his (or the company’s) desire to be accepted that likley sparked mentioning it, not his spontaneous love for the medium.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    But we don’t know that he was the one to bring it up. It’s just as likely the interviewer could just have asked him about it while discussing sci-fi.