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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Melissa McCarthy To Play Paul Feig’s New Lady James Bond?

Bridesmaids and The Heat director-producer Paul Feig has expressed interest in making a James Bond parody film in the past, but only now are we hearing rumors about the casting! The lovely and hilarious Melissa McCarthy is his choice for the role, and we think she’d be perfect.

Under the cut for details about the film’s plot!

Susan Cooper would be a comedy about a woman spy (the titular character) going about her secret-agent activities– but rather than a straight-up action flick, it would be a funny, physical parody of the secret-agent genre’s tropes. Expect lots of slapstick physical humor, “Bond girl”-esque men, a slinky theme song, and lots of McCarthy getting her badass on.

To put it in standardized test terms: Susan Cooper is to James Bond films as the The Heat is to the buddy-cop genre.

What’s fun to note is that McCarthy is the kind of comedian who can carry a film like this– which is not something that would have been expected of funny-women in the past. As a female comedian who is a starring, scene-stealing presence in some of the most recent hits to date, however, she and Feig are fronting what feels like some real progress in casting in major cinema. It’s hard to ignore their overwhelming success.

Susan Cooper sounds like the lady-fronted James Bond parody we’ve always needed but never had the chance to make a reality. Based on the great reception of Feig’s last films I’d wager that it would do well in the box office, too. I mean, I would watch that movie. Wouldn’t you?

(via Vulture)

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  • Deggsy

    If it’s in the same vein as The Heat, the funniest film of the year by the way, I’m up for it. But I don’t want Melissa’s size to be the object of the “physical humour” as described…

  • Jennifer

    I think they mean physical in reference to McCarthy’s comedy style. More like Chaplin and less like ‘Haha she’s fat!’, because she’s freakin’ brilliant at that stuff. Which I feel you, is why I still haven’t watched Identity Theft. When I heard it was filled with fat jokes directed at M. McCarthy I doubted I could watch it.

  • Deggsy

    Agree, totally. And if I read right, Identity Thief was tailored for a make comedian. I can’t watch it either.

  • Anonymous

    How original, a formula works so lets use and abuse it until the audience pukes from overload. Let have Melissa McCarthy star in a parody of each and every kind of movie. We need a Melissa McCarthy Twilight knock off, then let Parody Love Actually, and how ’bout a parody remake of Galaxy Quest, we could have Melissa on a Hot Pink Pond, A Diner Runs Through It, Smiley Face, The Outback Ultimatum, The Hunger Games – Eating The Red Lobster, Django on a Stick, Ice Age – with Tequila and Lime, Taken – to a McDonalds, Its Friday – Ergo – Lets Eat, Silver Lined Tablecloths, The Vow – or How to Go a Day Without Chocolate, Zero Dark Thirty Two – I Want My Friggin Coke Zero!, This Means War – Pass Me the Salt.

  • regularjoe

    so its a female Austin Powers?

  • frodobatmanvader

    As long as it’s not a female Spy Hard. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’d watch it. :) I think Melissa is grand and she is great at physical comedy. Though I’d love it, too, if they played it as a straight-up action film as well. (Can’t say I viewed Bond as serious business for that matter, but whatever.)

  • Amy W

    But… but… is there no one else here who can’t read the words “Susan Cooper” without “THAT’S THE AUTHOR OF THE DARK IS RISING SERIES” blocking out everything else? I mean, there are common names, and there’s even people out there with more UNcommon same-names-as-fictional-characters out there– there’s no way a writer (whether for screen or page) can AVOID accidentally naming somebody after somebody real. But SUSAN COOPER is bordering on legendary. It’s not QUITE as bad as naming a character, say, Stephen King, but probably as bad as naming her Lois Lowry.

    Really, I’m not the only one here thinking this? There are fantasy lit geeks here, aren’t there?

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for her now. I wonder how people would react to a “James Bond parody” where the main character was a black man. As if that was enough to make him the “parody” because a black guy couldn’t be a spy, right? Like you know… overweight women? Talk about beating a dead stereotype with a stick.

  • xinshi353