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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

1960′s Catwoman is Now a Barbie Doll You Can Purchase at SDCC’13

Mattel has rolled out plenty of new exclusive toys for San Diego Comic Con 2013, but this 1960′s Catwoman Barbie, modeled off of Julie Newmar‘s character in the television series from the 1960′s is “purr-fect.”  Mattel will be selling the toy for $35 at comic con, and will also have new Man of Steel, Batman, and Battlestar Galactica merchandise up for grabs.  Click on to see more of their SDCC’13 exclusives.

Below you can see Batman performing the Batusi, also inspired by the 1960′s television program, the Man of Steel versions of Superman and General Zod duke it out, Superman’s eyes glow red, and Hot Wheels offers a 1970′s style Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider.

You can see more Mattel SDCC’13 exclusives, including Asteroids and A-Team Hot Wheels, at USA Today.

(via USA Today)

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  • Anonymous

    That Catwoman Barbie is…(say it in an Eartha Kitt voice) the cat’s meow.

  • Pink Apocalypse

    It’s been pretty clearly established that the message Barbies send (to girls and boys both) are just simply not cool.

    So why do they seem to get a free pass if geek related? I’m confused.

  • Ashley L.

    You can buy this on the Barbie website right now. I heard about it and the matching Ken as Batman doll a few months ago. My problem with it now is the same problem I had with it then, there’s no Eartha Kitt version.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I like Lee Merriweather’s “vintage” Catwoman the best. I think it’s the dark hair…A red haired cat woman just seemed wrong to my childhood self.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I want an Eartha Kitt Catwoman doll too.

  • Bunny Byul

    Is that Superman figure using his laser eyes or does he just have a really severe case of conjunctivitis?