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Allow us to explain.

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Matt Smith Confirms He’ll Stick Around After the 50th?

According to Life Doctor Who and Combom, Matt Smith has confirmed that he’ll still be the Doctor at the end of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special, and will still be the Doctor in the 2013 Christmas special and Series 8. So you can breath a sigh of relief, if you were worried.

Frankly it seems to me that the 50th anniversary show already has enough on its plate with the hints with a returning Doctor and companion and the indications that it’ll resolve the hints that showrunner Steven Moffat has been dropping since he took over the show: that the Silence will fall when the question is asked, and that question is “Doctor who?” Throwing a regeneration in there would simply be too much to fit, and casting would undoubtedly already have begun for the twelfth Doctor.

However, everybody knows that Doctor Who is going to be pulling out the big guns, spectacle-wise, for its 50th anniversary, and there’s one thing the show does that’s guaranteed to be a spectacle every time: a regeneration. While Matt Smith has never really indicated that he’s getting tired of the Doctor, he has occasionally been slow to confirm that he’s not leaving, and also talks not-infrequently about how eventually he’d like to make a go of it in Hollywood on the fame Doctor Who has brought him as an actor. To a fandom, and those who report on entertainment news, this is often the fuel of rumors. So I probably shouldn’t be surprised that rumors of the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration happening along with the 50th reunion have run as a quiet undercurrent beneath the secrecy shrouded special, which may become less secret as it starts filming soon.

Hopefully as the latest issue of the Radio Times is disseminated, those rumors will die down.

(via io9.)

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  • Elwyne

    As I understand it, Matt and Jenna are both confirmed for series 8. I assume that means Moffat is too? After that it might be time for a new set of ‘boys’ though I wouldn’t mind Jenna sticking around a bit. Depending on how the next series-and-a-half go, of course.

  • Brand

    I get the feeling Matt Smith really likes being the doctor.

  • Eric Martin

    Anyone thinking this is a April Fools Joke? Just thinking.

  • Lynn St Martin

    I’m still entirely against the anniversary being in 3D.

  • Jade von Wer

    Susana – to be frank, there’d be news by now that Matt was leaving if that were true. This is true even if they were trying to hide it – afterall Eccleston’s leaving was leaked about four episodes into the FIRST series of the show.

    While yes this can be an April Fools, in reality, I cannot see them successfully hiding Matt leaving the show if that were true. Him possibly ending up with a fake regeneration again? – yeah, possible, but unlikely.

  • Jade von Wer

    I think unless he suddenly got a lot of offers for other roles between now and the end of filming the rest of series 7 (or the 50th/Christmas special) or Moffat/BBC give in to some fans demands for Tennant to return as the 12th Doctor, we will see Matt at least one more series. He’s a smart man – it’s a guaranteed paying gig for at least two more years if he/they pick up the options, and no one in their right mind – especially an actor – walks away from a job UNLESS they got other offers and even then he’d finish the series.

  • Terra Silverspar

    I know some Tennant fans don’t want to hear it cause they live in their proverbial bubble and believe that damning last line Tennant had at his regeneration was that he didn’t want to leave personally, which is false on so many levels since Tennant himself said he hated that line and said he wanted to step down as the Doctor well in advance of that.

    Personally, I hope Rose dies in this special, hate that useless waste of space.

  • Elwyne


  • Elwyne

    I disagree – a smart actor quits while he’s ahead, before he burns out Tom Baker-style. I don’t think Matt Smith will have any more trouble finding new roles than Tennant did.
    Also, I don’t know who on earth thinks it’s the least bit believable that Tennant will be back for more than a clip or two – the past is past, the show moves on, as do the actors. NewWho fans seem to get awfully caught up in ‘their’ Doctors, ‘their’ companions – when the nature of the show is to change.

  • Jeremy Sheer

    “or Moffat/BBC give in to some fans demands for Tennant to return as the 12th Doctor, we will see Matt at least one more series.” this is the stupidst rumor I ever heard in my LIfe. No one in 50 years has played the Doctor twice. Tennant left he is Done. It was a good run it made him a Star. MOVE ON….I loe Matt Smith….I relate to his Doctor the most.

  • Jeremy Sheer

    hes in the 50th anniversary. the end.

  • Jeremy Sheer

    dude get your head out of your @$$

  • Bill Stanton

    What exactly is ‘burns out Tom Baker style’..? Baker was amazing until the last second of his tenure.

    And as for multiple doctors being ‘believable’ beyond ‘a clip or two’… You do realize there were three entire multiple-doctor serials in the earlier series, in addition to the special Davison/Tennant bit?

  • Elwyne

    Baker’s Doctor was great, but the actor himself admits that he was a horror to work with and that by the end no one was sorry to see him go. Maybe Matt wouldn’t have that problem, but I still think he should go out on top like Tennant did.

    It’s not multiple Doctors that I find unbelievable – I enjoyed the heck out of The Three Doctors and look forward to the others as I work my way through the classics. The unbelievable part is this ‘Tennant as 12′ thing I’ve been seeing. That’s what I was reacting to above.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing makes me happier, he’s a wonderful actor and I get the feeling he gets a chance to stretch his other acting muscles when he’s on breaks. He brings so much new and old to the character, I do hope he continues to enjoy himself

  • Peter Fusco

    The 11th… technically that was the human meta crisis doctor from tennants day. So we will probably see him fall

  • Amy Leto

    I like Matt Smith – I do. But honestly, I’m getting a bit weary of all of his dramatic head turns to the camera and the way he gets right in people’s faces when he’s making a speech. I think it’s almost time for a fresh face before everything that was charming about Eleven becomes irritating.

    And a new showrunner would be cool, too. I don’t know what happened between the first part of s.7 and the second, but DW seems to be losing its heart. The production values are lovely but the investment in characters has gone to crap. Is that just me?
    Well, here’s hoping that they pick things back up in the next series

  • Beth Wilson

    I’m not ready for Matt Smith yet. I love him as the Doctor.

  • Patrick Cinderflame

    Well, so much for that…